Jan 10 13

  • Met Cerise, played by Dinamo

Wishing she had the courage to approach groups of other deer.
Fancied a spot and dozed, only to wake and be startled by Cerise about a foot away. Fled so fast her feet could not carry her, and ended up stumbling among the grass and rough terrain near the Playground. Stopped short. No one was chasing her? She turned to investigate the mini like herself and tried not to grin (she is self-conscious of her teeth). A new friend, perhaps? Someone to feed her sweet baby figs to? How Exciting! She couldn't help but utter her nasally alien bugles of the sort and invade Cerise's personal space with affectionate rubs. Nose to the jugular, a precious, treasured thing. Taking in Cerise's scent and sitting close; her ribs are fluttering with puffs and inhales.

Sep 28 12

  • Met Lem & Fawn
It was an interesting day.
Spotted Lem approach and fled when he stomped. Was chased for a good while, and realized she wasn't in any danger when she had burned out - and he did no harm. Grew curious, quickly, but remained skeptical the entire time in his company. She had a lot of fun, though. She likes his unusual voice and did not feel so self-conscious about her own. Was a little noisy, even. Flighty and playful, and adored the fawn that joined them.

Sep 25 12

  • Met Starling
Livnat found herself in a nervous and excited fidget when she woke from her afternoon nap - only to find Starling close by. Didn't really know how to go about the red doe, at first, but after the awkward greeting everything was alright. And she didn't seem to mind the nuzzles and licks. There's just something about the jugular and the pulse that she likes. It's probably the scent.
Anyway, after shedding all over the place, she calmed down, though the beating in her chest still fluttered. She hopes Starling didn't feel the tiny, excited trembles.

Aug 04 12

  • Danced in a group for the first time happy happy
  • Danced with baby idols near the Ruins
  • Danced with some deer
  • Danced with pond koi

  • Met Sluggs for the first time
  • Met Herla for the first time
Had a conversation with baby idols about the birds and how she too, would like to fly, and go back home (wherever that may be), until she was found by a deer (forgot to check the map) and danced with it instead. She got a little sad when it left, perhaps she nuzzled too much?
Kissed the babies goodbye before skipping to the pond for a dance with the fish. She thinks they are lousy dancers but would never say so aloud, how rude! But she thinks they're so pretty and tells them all the time, and how she would love to lick their pretty colors, but she's too self-conscious of her unusually long tongue. So she just kept it in her mouth.

Nuzzled Sluggs. Nuzzled Sluggs. More nuzzling and dancing. Big fluffy bunny. Saw Herla for the first time and thought she was so pretty and wanted a touch. Tried to nuzzle her but she kept moving and Livnat got sad, so she nuzzled Sluggs and everything was okay.

Dance group. She's going to nap forever after this.

...Already sleeping.

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