TEF is like a graveyard!

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Well, most of the time anyway!

Ahh, I wish it could be like old times when Quammy was guarding her bridge, Verdy was fighting with everyone, Sluggs, Draak and Scapecop kept chasing each other around, but I guess all good things come to an end at some point.

Still, hope's not all lost, as we have a brand new TEF on the way! Shocked Hopefully, that will bring new players to the forest, and bring back some of our dinosaur players.

I've recently returned myself (using a phone connected to my PC to give it internet access). It was pretty lonely at first, but it wasn't too long until more deer popped in and wanted to play. In fact, I had a lot of fun yesterday...

It all started when an orange Zombie deer came into the forest and began to clone itself! Sluggs stood and watched this magical deer, until he noticed that those clones were running towards something behind him...

He followed the clones, and...


Literally, a star made of sleeping deer appeared in the forest, and Sluggs being Sluggs, just couldn't help himself, and had to put the finishing touches to it! Shocked (I'm presuming that this has been seen in the forest before, as the player knew exactly what they were doing, but it was new to Sluggs and he was amazed by it!) Laughing out loud

Later that day, others came to play with Sluggs. Each one of you made it feel like the old times again! Ooh Oh, a huge thanks for helping me with a set on one of my other accounts. Ooh

I know there are a few TEF players that are no longer with us. Sad R.I.P

I shalt look forward to seeing you guys in the forest!

Stay safe! Eye

Hey! It was a really crazy

Hey! It was a really crazy fun day! Welcome back to the forest! :) 
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It was fun, and thank you!

It was fun, and thank you! (Added the pics now)

Edit: How long has that deer been stuck at the Twin Gods statue?
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Oh wow, I wish I joined

Oh wow, I wish I joined earlier to see that star! Was it James?
Anyway, thanks for the playtime, I had so much fun with you guys!

Upd.: OMG, I went to check the Twin God statues after reading your comment, and the poor thing is still there! Laughing out loud
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Think that deer has been

Think that deer has been there 3-4 days. It's a really devoted one.
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S L U G G S ! Oh my god, it

S L U G G S Exclaim!
Oh my god, it was so good to see you around and playing with you and Urschi and the others.
I still remember what you mean and I still have you in my mind as an "magician" or "master" of TEF!
you ´ve rocked the forest! You should do this again because there are so much new people/deer and not much know you or know what you are able to do! (this sounds a bit scarying and yeah, they should be!)
see you (from one dinosaur to another)

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Damn who is that?? I can't

Damn who is that?? I can't imagine having TEF open in more than a few windows. Wish I'd been there.
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Discord: SimoSimo#5556
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clone bandit strikes again! I

clone bandit strikes again! I noticed your picto floating around on the map. good to see ya.
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@ Urschanabi, I don't know

@ Urschanabi,

I don't know who it was.

That deer is still there! I think the server needs a reboot, or whatever they do to refresh the forest.

@ Pink,

I don't know what to say! It was fun playing with you!

Sluggs has to behave himself in the forest. He was very naughty the other day; he did his giant flat deer thing! (Some deer invited him to one of their sitting parties. Sluggs soon got bored with sitting around and went into glitch mode!)

@ Siellby,

There must be like 50 clones there! Laughing out loud
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I count 43 orange deer making

I count 43 orange deer making up the star, 44 including the one that's out of it.

And hello! You don't know me yet. I'm new to the community, but I've been lurking around for a year.
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Hiya! *inserts wave smiley*

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Hey Sluggs! Long time no see!

Hey Sluggs! Long time no see!

It really is a graveyard.

It really is a graveyard. Hopefully the new update brings in some lively new players to bring TEF out of its current stagnation. The star IS awesome!

EDIT Looking forward to see what happens. Game desperately does need new players to facilitate growth. Old players might help but it's new players that help facilitate growth. New players are the ones that come with fresh curiosity.
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Quote:He was very naughty the

He was very naughty the other day; he did his giant flat deer thing!

Nooo I'm so sad that I missed this! In all my time here I've yet still to witness Slugg's magic tricks.
(Unsure if you'll remember me, I went by the name Custard back then. From Derbyshire Sticking out tongue )
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@ madheathen, Hiya!

@ madheathen,

Hiya! Smiling

CUSTARD! Shocked Of course I remember you! I don't remember you being from Derbyshire too though! (Oh, the joys of getting old!)

Well, aren't we going through a stupid time right now? Puzzled

yup, dead as a dodo but nice

yup, dead as a dodo but nice to chill here all the same
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Hey Sluggs! How are you

Hey Sluggs! How are you keeping? It's nice to see you around.

I used to play so much but life is just too busy now Sad Between work, college, friends, etc I don't have the time. I miss TEF, I should pop in just to be around every once in a while, even if I can't dedicate the time I would've once.

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Haha I am

Haha I am indeed!

Well, aren't we going through a stupid time right now? Puzzled

Yep... things are getting crazy. I've just started my second year at sheff hallam uni but luckily able to work from home/online via zoom calls etc.
How have you been doing?
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@Evern, Hiya! Not bad, thank


Hiya! Not bad, thank you! Yeah, RL is always getting in the way! Sad


Things have been a bit bad, what with my beautiful Jack Russell Benny dying, and my stupid depression, but I'm doing OK at the moment, thank you. Smiling


Between 8:00 and 8:30 PM Wednesday night, I looked at Uitleger's forest map and saw a familiar picto; it was Michael's, so I jumped into the forest ASAP and followed him around!

Soon after, others noticed, came up to us and joined in, then Michael put on a few shows for us, and kept changing the weather, before heading over to the Ruin, where he turned into Velocity, the BZD.

I think he was just testing things, making sure that everything's working for when Halloween comes.

I took a few screenies...

This deer on the right of me in the last screenshot, I thought that might have been Auria at first, as it had no picto (well, it was just an empty one), but it wasn't her!

Oh, btw, I saw a couple of deer wearing antlers I hadn't seen before; they were big, blue, curly things! Shocked
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That was so much fun! It was

That was so much fun! It was my first encounter with them! My deer is in the upper corner of the first two pictures and one of the fawns in the third (on the right, skull mask). I changed to my OOC during one of the "stops".
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I'm standing behind Michael /

I'm standing behind Michael / the naked BZD in the last photo! Smiling

The curly antlers you saw were probably the tin antlers:

Oh my Yoh xD

Oh my Yoh xD
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@wyldflower, Yes, those are

Laughing out loud


Yes, those are the ones!
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It was fun, I enjoyed playing

It was fun, I enjoyed playing with you (or, rather, your shadow Laughing out loud) after Michael's leave.

As you probably know, some exclusive sets are now available to the backers of the Endless Forest remake. These include the Tin Deer set (the one with the curly antlers) and the black Mardi Gras (aka Valentine) set as well as the Golden, the Blood Red and the Black-as-Night pelts (see Keepiru's Set Guide for screenshots). The golden pelt makes the player's picto invisible, so I mistook one of those deer for Auriea too, lol.
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