Still stomping around in the stars...

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My very first OC, Yori. Does anyone remember him?
He's over 10 and a half years now I think, woah!

Been lazing in the forest near the ruins whilst I painted this.
Feel free to come laze in the sun with us!

I remember him well. My

I remember him well. My favourite work of yours so far. It's beautiful. <3
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yes I always knew them as


I always knew them as the "04" picto deer a billion years ago ghkjdfg
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Ah custard; I remember him

Ah custard; I remember him very well. He teach me several TEF-Secrets and was such a good Tutor!
Hey Starling, this picture is amazing! this background, this furr, this shading, such a great job!
siggi by Sybilline
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This Is amazing, beautiful,

This Is amazing, beautiful, and so peaceful. Love the perspective and the colors.
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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Absolutely stunning work.

Absolutely stunning work. Total heart-eyes.
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@pearlslug - thankyou so much

@pearlslug - thankyou so much <3
@Draak - haha that's the one!
@Pink - awe! Cu must be one of his oldest friends, I'm so glad we have good memories together <3 thankyou for the lovely comment!
@Osmotious - thankyou so much! a very nice comment to receive :>
@Basen - thankyou very much!!

Very nice! Good ol' Yori...

Very nice! Good ol' Yori... <3 it's nice knowing that he's still around and that the Forest can continue to provide an artistic escape.