Steam friends/players?

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Hi there.
My apologies if this has already been asked, or if a page for this has been established.
I am an old player of this game who has gotten busy, so not many of you may recognize me...

But, I have gotten back into PC gaming after this last college semester has ended!
I don't play many games currently, but I want that to change! I'm currently playing the Witcher 3 (for the third time, oops).

Does anyone want to add me? I promise I'm friendly and goofy, and I miss having fun.
I feel kinda silly and self-conscious posting this, but I really just want to play games with friends.

My Steam community ID is @marissablondie
Feel free to comment yours too, to let me know who you are.

That is all, you guys! Happy New Decade, everyone.
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Self-reminder to add you

Self-reminder to add you later when I remember my ID, lmao.
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Aye, would love to join ya!

Aye, would love to join ya! Can add me with @scent and if ya can't find me just contact me at my discord @Leveros#6781. Anyone else is welcome to add me as well if they're interested. ♥
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yayy rave! : ) and basen, i

yayy rave! : )

and basen, i don't have a discord! i searched @scent and like 2000 profiles came up
if you search "marissablondie" i'm the only profile, if you're comfortable adding me first!
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Gosh I haven't seen you

Gosh I haven't seen you around in a hot minute! Happy New Year! ♥

Feel free to add me, I should be @Emolu
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i'm kimikooo

i'm kimikooo Smiling
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Gotcha added. (: And anyone

Gotcha added. (:
And anyone is welcome to add me.
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I'm @LBaal Anyone who wants

I'm @LBaal
Anyone who wants can add me.
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yay for everyone! happy new

yay for everyone! happy new year! and my apologies because i got a bit busy for a few days!
i added/accepted everyone, except

kimi there are a few profiles under the kimikooo username, would you be able to add me first as well?

much love everyone! im so excited c:
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I added you

I added you Smiling
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I added you

I added you Smiling
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yay, thank you!!

yay, thank you!! <3

and thank you again to everyone who added me by the way. i'm excited!