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- Hi, i'm Acaltic.
- Don't judge for the first blogs (even for the arts!). Therefore, just sit down and eat to your health.
- I solved to post only the arts ~ After some attempts to create a blog ~
/using translator/

(November - December)

Sketch for Moruun (I've been wanting to do this for a long time).

It should have been Widmung... But, I could hardly understand his Aristocrat image.

Morrighan, Hauta(=sonic), and Acaltic
(Random sketches)

Nameless deer, which I don't know..

I'm ashamed of the statue, which I was too lazy to redraw and I literally messed up (gods, please, forgive me).
Celebrating New Year's Celebrations in December...

Racing 8>

Ediel and Me.
(yep, We're kind of like humanoid beasts with flat faces @_@...)

The mysterious sleeping reindeer...

in Oak.

don't know whose dog.....

..And It happens.


(September - October)

After a long absence, I met Urschanabi again and decided to use markers to color this art ...



Aardvarks run no worse than deer

I love when my hair is touched (what ..?:"D)

You smell of different herbs ... Since you like to sleep, all the grass is squeezed out with juices while you cover the light with your thick wool.

My favorite from Spain


--------(August - September)

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Hey, I've been staring at

Hey, I've been staring at these all day long and I can't tell you how much I enjoy your art... I guess just as much as I enjoy your company

Love the imagination you put into this, my Ursch looks like some Chinese dragon in the third pic. Also he and especially Narah in your style remind me of the Fieries from Jim Henson's Labyrinth (which I adore).
The second drawing is my absolute fav Laughing out loud

Very interesting to see what your character looks like, too!
Pixel picto © Draak
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Hello and track

Hello and track Smiling

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Hello! Nice to meet you in

Hello! Nice to meet you in the Forest! Your art is absolutely amazing <3 Tracking
© Sybilline

Track here for this cool

Track here for this cool colleague. Cool
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Enjoying your art and I adore

Enjoying your art and I adore your style to draw. Keep it up! ^^
Pixel picto by Draak
Signature art by Rooke

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The beautiful sunset in the

The beautiful sunset in the top one, ah!..
Really love how the fins and tails of the koi echo Urschanabi's fur, as if they were his little reflections on the water, somehow making the whole picture balanced and complete.

Also those Crying Idol faces are gold.
Pixel picto © Draak

Wonderful art, I see many

Wonderful art, I see many familiar faces.

I was glad to be joining

I was glad to be joining Acaltik with Urschi. (Feofan)
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Thank everyone for the warm

Thank everyone for the warm welcome in the community:")
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Oh my God, this is getting

Oh my God, this is getting better and better.
Love those Twin God statues, don't you dare be ashamed of them Frown
The drawing of Acaltic and Ediel inside the Old Oak is one of my favourites. Also Mórríghan!!! I'm so glad this gentle dove lady is finally receiving the attention she deserves.
Pixel picto © Draak
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Your lines are so lovely!

Your lines are so lovely! They give your art a sort of fairytale/fantasy feel. Trackin'.

Formerly ocean.
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*finally rolls in* guess some

*finally rolls in* guess some dog gonna live here from now on.
need to say i love floating, lively, fluid style of your arts, full of emotion and feeling, each time there is unique story and aura which i like to dive in. mostly i love Acaltic and Ursh arts though, their vibe special when they are together.

Your art is undoubtedly

Your art is undoubtedly beautiful.
I really like your style.