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Company for such a lovely doe(Morrow) in a flower meadow, where they talked about their home worlds and how different they were. She was a pillow for the kitten Sio, which bit her hair, and then darted toward the strangers, whom Shun watched suspiciously. Feels old because of her meager knowledge of technological things! Morrow offered to visit her world another time, is in anticipation of something new for her.

Lazy hours spent on the rocks, stretching body and looking around for company.
For this task she chose Rossamund, who was resting on the rocks nearby, first simply appeared in front of him, and then climbed up to and introduce herself. Soon behind their backs there is a small kitten(Sio), which from the first seconds behaves inhospitable, but the skills of communication with children were very useful, it would be strange if she could not talk to kids, being one of the children in a large family.
Shun explained, that must have the real cat, kitty gives her a warm feeling in heart so as she was very strongly resembles on it the very in childhood.
After feeding the two new ones fried fish, she fell asleep to the baby's purring.

Returns to the forest, noting in passing that he begins to become attached to this place as well as in childhood. Doesn't think it's a bad thing.
Sitting on the playground, the woman notices a familiar black silhouette nearby, looks after him, and then sees the child. Well, I really was gone a long time, but that much?
Indeed, Dajjal had two daughters, one of whom Shun was able to welcome, this cute purple kitten. A short relax and talk a little about what is happening. Dozing off near the newly made father and his offspring, the woman returns to her family.

Broken by the thought that bad guys found her family, broke into the house, hit her sister and took away valuables, since she could not deliver their package in the right time.
Now she acquires equipment for descent into the caves to get rare crystals and offer a ransom.
In the forest he meets Dajjal, hugging a little and returning to the ruins to forget herself.
There she meets a gallant cat(Aergia), who treats her to a drink. She does not give up on this, followed by drunken games. They stop at a flower meadow, where she briefly talks about what happened, to the rumbling of this tiger.
There she sees a hyena nearby to throw a bone at her with a satisfied grin. Good doggy.
Aergia offers her protection for her family, to which she asks if he has a device that could support their connection.
He promises to bring her earpiece the next time, investing in her paw money for her for night with one kitty. Stunned. So generous????....

“Saved” a daring child (Vrasa) from a viscous chewing gum (Harvestman), luring it with bells, which were made for one famous king in honor of his wedding. But she had to give them to this child in order to protect them from possible danger.
Left alone, child told the woman about her mother, who was in the hospital and about the dog that worried her.
Being a connoisseur in taming dogs, she told her more about this, not realizing what the little girl had in mind....
Returns to Dajjal with a calm but dull expression to scratch his back and settle here for a lazy time.

Met a fiery hot girl in the fog(Sadhbh), blocking the road, trying to set up an impudent talk, but was rejected. Now her thoughts are partly filled with her.
She had fun with a black cat(Daj), playing a rather dangerous game, leaving with raging excitement and a burning wound on her ass.
Many obscene thoughts rummage in her head when he visits her again, pushes him away and stays alone for a while, until beautiful face pleases her eyes (Adele). Also makes up the company for the elf (Aefa), these two together approach her.
Fascinated by the new girl, she tells her about current job and offers herself to quench her thirst in relaxation. (;

Rest on the ruins of a cemetery with a Wraith-Hound (Ashe).
Got the opportunity to let out puffs of smoke from lungs. Learned about another world, quite a bit, but there are things with buttons, wowy. Refusal of an invitation to her world, but knows that one day she will get consent. Later.
Defuse the situation with Dajjal, frolic in the clearing, like little kittens. Clutching the neck with paws, clapping and grinning, a charming game.

Having spent strength tonight on work on a destroyed hole, filling it with soft leafage. Covering the entrance, she moves to a high point to enjoy the piercing sunlight.
There is a beautiful ingot of beauty (Vysena) near the lake, where she stops to give compliments and flirting, and then returns to the hole to check it.
She was awakened by a big black kitty(Dajjal). Introduced each other, a few touches, a few vulgar glances, leaves the boy on the stone to go to sleep.

Breaks her silence with Hidden(Corvus). At first, she played the role of a hunter until she sees a real fear of the creature. Stops and brings frail promises not to hurt. This is followed by a short conversation in which the woman talks a little about the memories and offers fresh fish, but the new face refuses. Having a snack, swallows pills and disappears in a deep sleep.

Recent adventures exhausted her, returns here again, this place seems completely alien to her, but she simply has nowhere to go. She looks at the new faces with a faint smile and stops at the place from where she moved forward. Who knew this would last for many years.
Crossing the line of hills easily, resting on an open plain, snow slowly falls on face, leaving wet spots. Now she thinks will stay here longer in order to gain strength and meet someone whom she can tell her stories.
Having noticed a good place for an overnight stay, she digs a shallow hole, covered with dense greenery.
After which she feels a tangible push of sadness, which interferes with her sleep.
Clasping her head with massive paws, she, struggling with the desire to drink pills, falls into a nervous dream.

name| Shun
gender| masculine woman
age| mature adult (36 human years)
orientation| irrevocable women lover, prefers feminine and pretty; flirting with males, but remains refraining
species| big cheetahface
size| O
scent| turmeric and tobacco
diet| omnivorous, prefers fish

flirting - enticing - combat when needed - initiative - decisive - unperturbed - passionate


Morrow - a new face, a pleasant doe, let's see what happens next
Corvus - it was the first face she'd seen since the long break. interested.
Vysena - glorious woman who caught Shun's eye
Dajjal - big black cat, who kindled inside her lurking feelings, trusts him
Eveline - Dajjal's little daughter. Fascinated by this little kitty!
Ashe - keep an eye
Sadhbh - a few failed attempts at conversation, but her efforts will be appreciated
Adele - charming woman, be mine (joke!!(or maybe not))
The Harvestman - hhmphh :[
Vrasa - fan of ringing things, loves company
Aergia - flattered by this nice guy, looking for a new opportunity to meet
Aefa - ooh elf, you're cute!
Sio - defeated by this fighting kitten!!
Rossamund - new acquaintance, positive attitude towards him

Character is completely IC. Opinions and actions do not reflect those of player, however, responsibility for her will be taken accordingly.

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oi devachki

oi devachki
By Draak <3

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Ooo new story >w

Ooo new story >w<
she has such a beautiful color )
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MEWW thanks everyone

MEWW thanks everyone

by Draak

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yes yes yes yes yes

yes yes yes yes yes
by saturnia

oof yes

oof yes
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what a sweet girl ;3

what a sweet girl ;3
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Lovely cheetahHH.

Lovely cheetahHH.
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Thanks a lot ma dears!!

Thanks a lot ma dears!!

by Draak

Lovely lady &hearts;

Lovely lady ♥
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Pretty Kitty!

Pretty Kitty!
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track duH

track duH

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