The Rut map mod - public testing

This year I've finalized the mod's design, which entails the possibility of bugs.
So I'm asking the participants and users of the event mod to check out this test version, and note any bugs/abnormalities/inconveniences to me here, in the comments.
I'll run tests with my own deer in the forest soon, but many eyes beat just two.

Just a bug I found- when you

Just a bug I found- when you open the blog page without www. before the link you can't see the rut overlay at all, it's just the old map. Adding www. to the link updates it to the actual rut map. Not sure why that happens; I'm on Firefox.
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Witcher, thanks! Firefox too,

Witcher, thanks! Firefox too, same issue.

Hey, Witcher, ShrinkingRose,

Hey, Witcher, ShrinkingRose, thank you for the feedback.
The www. and non-www community sites have a hitch, which I'll make another post about, soon.

For now, what the non-www means for the map, is that on that domain it works almost exactly like the old Flash map did.
Thus, GMSuerte's and mine code won't 100% function. For example, the Rut mode won't work right for the users who aren't logged in. So I didn't implement the Rut mod on the non-www domain map.

I made the non-www map look like the Flash map, and put a link to the www-map somewhere down, but yeah.
I should've made the difference in function between the two more obvious, in a description somewhere. Will later get to it.