Roscoe for Tavra

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This handsome deer hybrid belongs to Tavrawolfe, such a sweet person I have known quite long. since 2013. Time flies.

I just remember that I have drawn Roscoe before but when I look at the old picture I made of him, i'm crying, it's so uglyyyy so I had to really redraw it again..

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Here is the old one I made like 2017
Find it here
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haaaa yeah, big difference

haaaa yeah, big difference there! I dont think the older version is ugly at all though tbh.
really well done. I love the subtle patchy texture you used throughout this. Its just right.
And the gold ring is the perfect touch.
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Wow, your drawing skill has

Wow, your drawing skill has changed a lot. But the first and second art together are beautiful!

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Excuse meh? They are both so

Excuse meh? They are both so beautiful, I don't see anything wrong with the older version. Your drawing style is gorgeous Winking Thumbs up
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OH MY GOOOOOD i wasn't here

i wasn't here for a long time and when I decided to watch news, i've see this and now IM SCREAM SO HARD!! it's so beautiful and I just can't stop staring at this! you the only one who can draw Roscoe's antlers so good and right, jUST look at this handsome old buddy
dfjgkhdghdfkhg and don't you dare told that old art is bad because i swear i'll punish you!! i love both of them and you made my day great <3 thank you so much for this again, i still feel so old when I realise how it's been a while.... but I never get tired of happy when you draw Roscoe ;;
by VasilisaKonti <3

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Ravyn @ Yeah, look at those

Ravyn @ Yeah, look at those pointy ears, the slim muzzle and oh my god the antlers. But thank you very much!
Adolf @ Aww thanks! and yes, there is a little change, but i'm still learning with art hehe.
Sybilline @ aljfljfalfj thank you sweet one!
Tavrawolfe @ Oh my god! I'm so glad to hear you like it! I enjoy drawing Rosco and his colors are very pleasing and the markings too. He is gorgeous boy!
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