Name: Rohadon - 'Ro-ha-don'.
Pictogram: Keny [Third generation]
Gender: Male, Bull.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday: 8.5.2014 [Taurus]
Arrived: 30.10.2019
Reference: Fullbody
Species: Irish elk, TEF-deer.
Size: #35
Scent: Musk and earth.
Diet: Omnivore; Herbs and meat.
Speech: #DF6E31
Home: 28 x -102
Favorite spot: -99 x -129
Set in forest: Zombie antlers, Zombie skull, antelope pelt.

Out-going, Friendly, Polite, Calm, Forgiving, Respectful
Honest, Loyal, Playful, Romantic, Envious, Possessive
Impatient, Suspicious, Adventurous, Enigmatic, Soft.

Likes: Halloween, thick fog, Sleeping, cuddling, night with candles, skulls, events, spell spamming, Twilight evening, Poppies and dandelions, huge bunnies, dance party.
Dislikes: He likes everything.

Rohadon is very welcoming and polite to new faces he meets in the forest and would be always ready to start to play with them if the moment is good for both. He start the play with running and jumping around the new company to check how they react and how the play between them will go. He never starts to play if the opposite doesn't show any activation or that they wanna have fun with him, tho he doesn't mind to try it out, but if it doesn't look good to him then he will stop playing and think what else they could do.

Rohadon loves to sleep or cuddle with others. With sleeping, he always go find a good place where he could rest and it always has to be under a tree. He doesn't mind if someone comes to sleep with him or having some company while he is dreaming and he always appreciate any company. There is something that Rohadon likes to do and it's cuddling with others, but sometimes he doesn't notice the personal space that others may don't wanna get cuddled or getting touched. He is always careful and checking out for those who doesn't want to cuddle of for those who doesn't mind at all.

The most fun games in the forest that he likes to play is running around the forest with some spell spamming with someone. The adrenaline flow in his veins and he just want to run and never stop, but after some time the running will take his powers down too and then he wanna just relax and sit down to take a breath. Sometimes he goes to the twins gods to pray and get the devout spell on him which makes him feel more energetic again.

Painted Skull from verve. [Halloween 2019]

"The Nightmarker", Hana, Severon, Starling


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Welcome you two! ´u`

Welcome you two! ´u`

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Track :)
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