A Rising Tide

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Halkyone is original character, IC - 99%
Any interactions will be taken into account and not personally. Interactions are very welcome: Positive or negative!

I always take full responsibility for my actions in the game. If you become unsure of how my character is behaving or there are unclear scenes, don’t hesitate to contact me! In all cases, it is worth talking clear so that there are no misunderstandings for either player.

Discord: LeafyLupus#4972


Title: The Aquamarine
Name: Halkyone Sæther
Name meaning: 'Kingfisher'
Alias: Halki given by Madison, Zarya"Water priestess"
gives by Mischief.

When using the name/being called, it does charge her water powers. For youngers it boost the basic like speed and agility, but when she gets older the power gets more effective and powerful.
, Nessiegiven by Benjamin

Based on the Loch Ness Monster
, Nereidei"Daughters of Nereus"
given by Theolor

Nickname given after the sea nymphs and Amphitriata sisters


Day of Birth: June 27th 2022
Zodiac sign: Cancer | ruled by Moon
Gender: Female, Doe [she/her]
O.S: Doesn't know yet.
Status: Too young

Reference: Reference
Species: TEF Doe | Quanele
Size: Size Chart
Scent: Rain, fresh ocean breeze, lily.
Voice: Silvery and softly speech.

Haunts: ...
Set In-game:Mini, Secretary bird mask, Poppy flowers.


Curious - Alert - Adventurous - Out-going - Optimistic
Impatient - Playful - Affectionate - Stubborn - Clumsy

Ocean, swimming, low tides, rain/storm/thunder

Sudden loud noises

  • ♢ Loud noices like roaring, yelling and rumbling makes her stressed which makes her more overprotective and scared.

  • ♢ Loves to see and touch everything new. Doing adventures around new places makes her happy, but at times she get scared and timid when approaching alone.

  • ♢ The closer the moon is to the earth, the more power she can feel growing inside. Fullmoon gives her the maximum powers she can hold control of.

  • ♢ She is equally terrestrial and aquatic. She enjoy being on the land, but also in water.


  • ♢ In human world, has ability to turn into an mermaid when surrounded by the water. The first few times, changing is difficult and it happens so quickly without her own will. When she touches the water, she changes in the blink of an eye. When she start to control the transform powers she will be able to choose whenever she can transform to mermaid or if she wants to stay in human form whenever she is swimming.

  • ♢ A somekind of master swimmer. One of the important feature in her species is swimming and being under water a long time period. She can make high jumps out from the water as well as swim a long travels without tiring.

  • ♢ The species lives mostly on land, but also thrives in water. From the inside, the lungs have developed so that the water filters inside the lungs and slowly becomes oxygen, which helps to be able to breathe with the lungs while diving. However, breathing underwater for too long can be fatal if you do not take a break from breathing underwater in between. Water is not filtered as quickly in the lungs, so getting too much water into the lungs can largely cause suffocation and death.


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"I shall go the way of the open sea, to the lands I knew before you came,
and the cool ocean breezes shall blow from me the memory of your name."

-- Adela Florence Nicolson


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Track for water doe goes here

Track for water doe goes here c:


hasdjkgdah <3

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water? <3 doe?? <3 love both, tracking!

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Eyyy yeees, water doe *v*

Eyyy yeees, water doe *v*

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Update: new css ´u`

Update: new css ´u`

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Thank you for being one of

Thank you for being one of those few who still make beautiful bios with fantastic CSS layouts here on this site!

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<3 I miss those times when the forum were more active with a lot of pretty bios and nice updates.
Thank you ´u`

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track I agree with

I agree with urschanabi
such a nice and beautyful bio (like all of yours !) so much time and love you put inside of this!
I´m really amazed!
waterdoe sounds interesting; I hope Cu and me will met you in TEF soon.

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Heyyy Cu! Thank you for these

Heyyy Cu!
Thank you for these words, really means a lot to hear that ^^ <3
She is active in forest so I'm sure they will meet each other around Eye (Searching you for sure if you are in forest the same time as I am)

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a track for the cutie

a track for the cutie

Welcome! to jurassic pa...

Welcome! to jurassic pa... Aweeee thanks!

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