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Cherry Bomb
of Blood & Rotten Meat

False Viking, Meat Baroness, Butcher, the..

nameless, doesn't associate herself with a nickname or something. often called Ragnara
adult, late twenties. stripped hyena & dhole wolf hybrid. spotted hyena traits
female, masculine energy. primarily sapphic, homoflexible tendencies
omnivore, eats everything, yet she prefers meat. neutral evil
speaks in #8b0000

Height Moodboard Spotify Toyhouse

survivalist, humorous, playful, elusive, reckless, persevering, flirty, cold, noisy
violent, warlike, petty, jealous, greedy, crude, emotionally unstable, sensitive

A N 4 O D


!Hidden scrollbars!

This character is 100% In-Character all the time, it just won't be with the help of spells/sets and such. Nameless does not represent her player at any time, thoughts are also not my responsibility, but I take responsibility for their actions in the forest. In-game interactions are always welcome as are RPs! Nudge me on Discord or here in the comments if you are planning to have your character interact with her, and the same goes for drama and attacks. ALWAYS open for any kind of interaction, don't be afraid to call me to chat c: Discord: Luz#1288. !This biography will contain blood, NSFW, gore and many other sensitive content, be aware of that!

Tab credits go to Hraeth. The rest of the code credits go to Unplugged, a little edited by me. Main art by paperflesh, character & design goes by me!

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there she is

there she is
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yess, finally

yess, finally <3

yess, finally

yess, finally <3
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by Draak

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look out, kid.

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YALL &hearts;!! ;;

YALL ♥!! ;;