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strike the earth

The world is hues of darkness with accents of deep violet, but that falls on blind eyes. All the pits can see are hues of black, white and gray. Nothing more, nothing less. There are small blotches of multicolors from the heat vision, but there is nothing more he can see. They just exist like the thoughts in his head. still no warmth today, yet i am warm. no company, yet i am not alone. his teeth click as he speaks, his head cranes like a wire doll, the small sound of buzzing and the light kisses of insect wings touch his face and skin. If he was able to smile, he would. Then again, he was always smiling. Even through the worst of what life had to offer.

i cannot feel the warmth today

interaction/thought hub for Q.

feel free to instigate in rp here, or ask questions, ect ect. he's very lax and doesn't mind his personal space being invaded so children are welcome. adults are as well, he doesn't age discriminate.