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"...I miss you..."

Female | ENFP-t
She | Her


Pixel picto by Draak
Any interactions are welcome: ICly or OOCly, negative or positive.


"Shining light"

★ Favorite weather: Snowy night
★ Likes to spell spam
★ Likes to wear different sets. Usually changes with the mood.

★ Favorite area: Birch forest
★ Big pile of sleeping deers together.
★ Endless running

* Arrived to the forest first time at 1.9.2011. Registered her true forest name at 18.1.2016.

* Doesn't actually have only one look. Will show up as in game since will wear any sets she pleases. Have favorite sets so may use them more than others.

* Only way to identify/recognize her is the forest name/Pictogram. Also she have glowy green eyes with any form she uses.

* Is some kind of shapeshifter; can turn herself to any animal she pleases. Most favorite animals she can show as are: Wolf, any cervidae (Moose, elk, reindeer, white-tailed deer etc...), European badger.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

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Welcome <3

From Whiskeybeast

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Hi <3

Hello there

Hello there <3

From Whiskeybeast

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track >:3

track >:3

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)

Eeee welcome welcome! ^^

Eeee welcome welcome! ^^

From Whiskeybeast

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Happy birthday, Hauta (and

Happy birthday, Hauta (and yet another track from me)!
Really glad that you've been here for all these years.
Let all your days in the forest be merry and filled with the warmest cuddlepiles, the highest deer towers, the longest dance lines, the craziest partys and the funniest spell-spamming games!

Signature © Draak

Ursch!! thank you very much

Ursch!! thank you very much <3
I'm always very happy to see you too and may the silly playing still continue! ^^

From Whiskeybeast

This is quite the Bad Hair

This is quite the Bad Hair Day party, I thank you and your friends for the invite. Fancy.

It was very fun and wild,

It was very fun and wild, thank you for joining! Glad to have you here.

From Whiskeybeast