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basic information

Player name: Hautakumpu
Nicknames: Hauta, Hauhau, Hautaku
Birthday: 31.01.1997
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Personality: INFP-T

Out of character
Pictogram: Hautakumpu
Deer name: Narah
Name meaning: Queen of wolves
Home: 190 x 240

Set in-game
mask: Skull
Antlers: Noh
Pelt: Golden Butterfly or valentine

  • Spell spamming
  • Running around the forest
  • Having fun / being silly
  • Sleeping
  • Different weathers
  • Christmas + Halloween events
  • Abiogenesis
  • Butterflies / Fireflies
  • Exploring and meeting new faces
  • Fawn moo spamming
  • Someone bullying ooc/nameless players
  • The old oak humming
  • Mood changing too quickly
  • Ignorance
  • Missing event
  • Too much drama
  • Stress


Wolves - Ravens - Deer - winter - cold - snow - candle lights - northern lights - Christmas - all green hues (+ yellow and pink) - games (pc + ps4) - books (reading) - Tea - Drawing (digital & traditional) - Mushrooms (autumn + rain) - symbols - Antlers + horns - Rainbow - Aquarius - warm colored decorations - Lapland - spending time at cottage - blankets - Pastel colors - Butterflies - Lavender - Poppies - plushies/ Figures (pokemon + digimon) - Skulls - Dinosaurs


Blehhhh I missed my 9th birthday in TEF uh oh which is like 01.09 (first day of september).
Time goes so fast, it doesn't feel like I have been here 9 years already and tbh I can't say I have been online/active about 9 years, because the first year I was inactive (2011) and I think I become active in the forums 2012-2013.
I can say i'm really happy I found this game when I was scrolling in the internet for the wolf pictures/games like wolfquest lol. I miss those active days in tef and I will always remember them. I hope the new remake will bring more action and life for tef, more dance parties, more little events and hopefully it will bring joy for Michael and Auriea as the old abiogenesis were so laggy for them to handle. I really like how the second decase looks like and it gives kinda fresh vibe, it feels like you can start the forest adventures again when it comes out.


TEF Halloween 2018 - TEF Halloween 2017 - TEF God visiting

Toyhou.se / Deviantart / Tumblr / Instagram

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(No subject)

signature by hautakumpu Ooh


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Welcome you both!

Welcome you both!
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I thought nothing could be

I thought nothing could be better than a doggo... but a green doggo? Hell yea! Shocked
Where can I adopt one lol
sig by AceAshling, icon by HeartClock
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Green doggos are the best!

Green doggos are the best!
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By Draak <3

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Bark bark

Bark bark
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Gotta track

Gotta track this.

Sig by Lathyrus. ♥
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Thank you!

Thank you! <33
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I love this page ...

I love this page ... Smiling
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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Thank you Flyleaf

Thank you Flyleaf <3 Smiling
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By Draak
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Oohohoho <3!!
Little css update!
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thanks for your help with the

thanks for your help with the set earlier! ♥
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You're welcome!

You're welcome! <3
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beautiful css !

beautiful css Shocked !
signature by hautakumpu Ooh
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Hi. Long time no see :3

Hi. Long time no see :3
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Xecil @ EEEEEEEE <3 thank you c:
Collado @ Omg, how are you!? Good to see you back to the forest ^^
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love the CSS

love the CSS <3 !

Signature by Wildflowerdeer and Profile by Sybilline
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Hnng thank you very much

Hnng thank you very much <3 i like it myself too ;u;

Edit: Little update again, askolsldkjaskldj
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What a truly beautiful

What a truly beautiful character tracking.
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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Thanks! ^^

Thanks! ^^

This bio is wonderful! Codex

This bio is wonderful! Codex is beautiful, friend! ❤
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Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! <3

Little update ~ New css again.


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Welcome welcome!

Welcome welcome!
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Oh, what a lovely css! Love

Oh, what a lovely css!
Love it so much <3
By Draak <3

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aaa thank you!

aaa thank you! <3
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(No subject)

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(No subject)

<33 !!
Hello Lathyrus ;v;

-crying- u're so cute!

u're so cute! <3
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Aaaaaa Lilioo! Long time no

Aaaaaa Lilioo! Long time no seen you, how are you?
Aww thank you ; ;

aww` thanks for your

thanks for your question. i'm ok. how are you? i updated my character./now his name is Titoo. ha/
i missed. qq`
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Oh, i see! O: so your deer is

Oh, i see! O: so your deer is male now? That's nice name too ~
I'm okey, just, can't play that much or draw cause i broke my right hand, blehhh.
Also missed you too.

hehe~ Firstly, yes, he was a

Firstly, yes, he was a guy, but then I changed my mind. Because I can only draw female characters. Is Titoo a man's name or not. Eh. By the way, quickly treat (or healings) your hand! :<
(omg... this language is so haaard!>:<)
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Aaah alright, and well for me

Aaah alright, and well for me "Titoo" sounds like neutral name which can be used for female or male, no matters.
Thanks, i would like to heal faaster, i truly miss drawing so much, haha ~
Naah, you are doing great with it, i can understand what you are saying.

Does Titoo have same appearance as before or does that changed aswell with the name?
Would like to see your drawings if you have drew Titoo yet, c:

I think to create a bio.

I think to create a bio. There you will see everything! c:
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I see you already started it,

I see you already started it, can't wait to see the result c;
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xxx love the layout

love the layout


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Thank you!

Thank you! <3
To be honest, my layout changes every week so.. hehe
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radical update, nonetheless,

radical update, nonetheless, hahaha <3


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Yaaaas fellow gay deer Track

Yaaaas fellow gay deer
Track <3 loving her

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Thank you both so much!

Thank you both so much! <3
Heldoryn @ Hehe yeeee, my big gay girl ;v;
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Hi Hautakumpu, what a

Hi Hautakumpu,
what a beautyful bio; this really needs a track Eye
siggi by Sybilline
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Hello pink! Nice to see you

Hello pink!
Nice to see you here Smiling
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This page looks fantastic!

This page looks fantastic!
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;v; Thank you Starling dear!

;v; Thank you Starling dear!
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wow, I like this *-*

wow, I like this *-*

Signature by Hautakumpu
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Thank you Centelleo! We had a

Thank you Centelleo!
We had a lot of fun playing with you and hopefully we will see you again. c: