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Thank you so much Vandetta!

The Mourning Dove






Were he human, he would be about eighteen.




Pavils | Latvian| meaning 'Little' or 'Humble'




Visayan spotted deer build

{Looks & Personality}

Stretched over his slim, but gently muscled body, a coat of gray fur lays, downy, soft, like the downy coat of a young bird.
Like all of his breed, his antlers are small, and will grow no larger than they are now.

Set against his soot shaded fur sit a pair of large eyes, a cool gray-lavender in colour, dull but not lifeless.

He often chooses to walk instead of run, sit instead of stand, and rest instead of play. This is not due to any kind of physical problem, but rather a personal choice.

His tail is rarely raised, drooping behind him, when it is raised it means simply that he is feeling threatened.

His head is often held low when exploring a new area, large ears perfect for inspecting the area without sight.

When at last his long neck is raised it means he is feeling more at ease or rather, is at rest.

He is still learning english a bit, and he often uses Latvian or Russian words, which he is more fluent in, though he will try his best to speak to others in a way they understand, he may use words in the wrong way, and appreciates help learning.

He often seems very melancholy and sad, but usually he is more happy than he seems.

If someone protects him or is especially kind he will likely follow them around for a long time, until they get annoyed with him or until he gets lost.

All in all he is a quiet, polite creature, who would rather just fade into the background than be the center of attention.

{in forest looks}

Hopefully these names are right, using a link Vandettta sent.

Frosted pelt.
Beluga antlers
Orca mask

theme song idea stolen from Vandettta


Pavil's personal bogeyman and a source of constant fear.
If seen with Saint he will often run to anyone who gets close enough in an attempt to plead for help, though most of the time Saint's outwardly pleasant manner simply makes others think he's being strange or playing a game. Paired with Pavil's weak english...well, Saint is one of the few who can even speak to him, much less 'translate' for others.


Aeis is a good friend to Pavil. He enjoys cuddling with her.
She is one of the few people he does his best to hide Saint's abuse from, as he wouldn't want to see her unhappy.


One of the few people he knows Saint will listen to, or so Saint has said in the past.
He stays close to Russia, looking up to him with a sort of naive reverence, He enjoys listening to Russia speak, especially since they can converse in Russian. He loves listening to the stag tell him of the world outside the forest, and looks to him as a guardian of sorts.

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Thank you

Thank you <3

Not sure if you still need it

Not sure if you still need it but I have a tutorial on how to use the 'Split at Cursor' button. Oh and welcome to The Endless Forest Community Site! Can't wait to see what character you have planned. Smiling
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Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! <3

You're very welcome!

You're very welcome!
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done I think!

done I think!

looks awesome 8D

looks awesome 8D
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I shall track! C:

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Hi there 8D

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Van; eep ._. Kitty; Takk!

Van; eep ._.

Kitty; Takk!
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takk! <3
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-Sits in.- He's a sweet

-Sits in.-

He's a sweet dove, isn't he?

I'd love to have Atvana sit with him one day. Or several days. ♥
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&hearts C:

&hearts C:

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Takk~ both of you~ &hearts;

Takk~ both of you~ ♥
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*stalkstalkstalk* ♥
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