Parthenogenesis- class animation

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I just felt like sharing this. Yep that is a animation I made in art class as part of my final. My first 100% amateur stop-go animation. It was fun to do but I think too many of the frames is kinda slow. Oh well...I gotta start somewhere. Am I right?

Yeah...the plot of the story is basically the circle of life in short; the doe gets killed by an arrow, the body decomposes, the left over matter fuses and shapes into a fawn.

In other terms-in life we die, but there is always new life following one's death.
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Aw this is adorable!

Aw this is adorable! <33 Thanks for sharing it! I think, especially for a clay animation, the frames aren't too show and the motion is clear enough. It's not fluent but hey, clay never is XD Only tip I could give if you'd try it again once, is to put the camera on a standard. (or however the english word) it'll make the pictures less wobbly! And most likely keep the light source a little bit more consistent.
But pfft you're most likely not looking for such a comment XD Anyway awesome job! You should try some more. Lovely music you picked, too, and I have to say how you transformed the doe's body into a corpse was really well done as well!

Wow that'S amazing... very

Wow that'S amazing... very philosophical and the music fits perfectly... i adore things like this one <3 they give such a nice feeling... ah it's hard for me to express my feelings in english right now |D
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For your first time doing

For your first time doing stop-go animation, this is really good. =D I don't know if I'd have the patience to do this type of animation. |D

But yea, if you ever did one of these again, putting the camera on a tripod or something so it stays in one place would be good.
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Thank you all for for

Thank you all for for watching Smiling

to the updates!!!

I loved this. I thought it

I loved this. I thought it was kind of sad, though. Haha.
I really love stuff like this. You did an amazing job. <3
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That's neat XD

That's neat XD
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Aw, I love this, it´s

Aw, I love this, it´s beautiful and story has a weird sense of bittersweet...
Wonderful work, animations require lot of work and this turned out very well. <3
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:'D That was very sweet. I

:'D That was very sweet. I love how you modeled the deer the most, it was really simple and you didn't try to make it unnecessarily fancy. You did a great job of getting the theme across~