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In Character
Roleplaying: Positive and negative interactions is welcoming.
Acts as ooc around other ooc or nameless players.
You can contact me via discord: Hautakumpu#4972

(picto is temporary until I find better picto for her)

Physical: 100% Healthy / Mental: 70% Traumatized / Emotional: 80% Afraid, easily get scared around bigger creatures.

Was a bit lost when she woke up from a dreaming. It was still raining and she moved from her home to another spot to not get so wet and cold. She found big tree which had bigger roots to go under and it was dry and quite cozy. Shook her fur to get more dry before laying down and after a while there was another fawn with her. The another fawn (Fuyuko) looked lonely, wet and cold as she did so they didn't hesitant to cuddle each other and share the warmth together. Strangely she felt safe around the other fawn. They slept together a bit, there was warm and cozy.

The rain didn't stopped while they were sleeping so they decided to move elsewhere if there would be others who would give warmth and shelter. They ran together around the forest to seek someone to stay with and they found a Reptile (Sigel). He was big and a bit scary, but he was perfect shelter for the two small babies who just wanted more warmth and protection.

...The nightmare started...
There was a predator lurking around the forest. I walked nearby where Osmekoe, Fuyuko and Sigel were resting. It was huge threat. Osmekoe raised her head to see it clearly from behind Sigel while Fuyuko were sleeping, she was terrified and her body started to shake a lot. She stood up quickly to escape and soon Fuyuko woke up aswell. Osmekoe was glued to her little friend and was staring the predator. Sigel showed the den on the tree and the small ones went straight in to be safe. After that Sigel ran away and they heard some rumble and growling. Soon it got silent and Osmekoe wondered where Sigel went and soon he was back again. Didn't knew what to do and her body still were shaking.

The predator ran away to make more mess. She could hear some screaming far away, it sound like small animal scream. It was like nightmare and very traumatized day. The blood scent flew around the forest then it become silent again. Osmekoe felt that something happened and she was worried about Sigel, because he has disappeared again. She came out of the den with Fuyuko and they started to look for him with panic. They didn't saw anyone near them so they ran to seek for the reptile. Soon they saw how the predator ran straight to them. Her body stopped, but she ran as fast as she could with fear of dying.

They got some help by others to distrack the predator and soon it was gone. Osme and Fuyu were both so scared and traumatized that they started to clung to each other, they were shaking and panicking until big male (Kolgrimr) came and showed the way to the old oak where were other creatures. They hide to the corner together and curled around each other. Osmekoe felt safe around her little friend, but couldn't get the predator out of her mind. Later, she fell a sleep around friendly strangers.

Within short time, a little fawn spawned to the birch forest on a rainy day. Near a thin tree with tall grass around it like a hide spot. She was sleeping there in silence, heavy breathing. Later she opened her eyes slowly and carefully. she felt how the water drop to her fur and face, it was very cold. She shook her head to get the water from her fur, still laying there without knowing where she was. Carefully she started to watch around to see if there is anyone around or if there was predators who would eat her. After a while, she stopped looking around made a note that there wasn't anyone around so she get up and started to walk around with slow steps.

Time passed and she felt that she was searching for someone, but she didn't knew who and why. Maybeshe was looking for someone who would take care of her and take under the wings, but she felt that she can't trust anyone in strange place where she haven't been before. It was all new to her in this forest. Finally, she found someone small enough to not give a threat to her. It was small deer like creature with nice blue fur and white underfur. She hides behind the tree to be sure that the creature won't attack and she noticed the other did the same. It looked like a little game and she started to smile and jumped to the stranger. They started to play together and she was so excited to meet someone to the first time without fear, but she still doesn't trust.

Time passed and it was getting late. The day was excited but scary at start and she was happy to meet someone so playful and energetic that make her feel more relaxed. She had to leave the stranger, but hopes to see him again. She walked to her tree, circled a little bit and then settle down to the tall grass.

She fell a sleep.

Name: Osmekoe
Forest name: Osmekoe
Birthday: 10th day of january, 2021
Arrived: 20.2.2021
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Gender: Female, doe
Reference: Fawn, Adult
Sexuality: Doesn't know yet.
Speech: "Speaks like this"
Species: TEF Deer + wolf
Diet: *Omnivore* Prefer more vegetables, but will eat small mammals if available (no needy to hunt by herself)
Size: fawn #14
Home: -109 x 330 (spawn spot)
Set in-game: Fawn


Personality: Timid, Curious, Playful, Sensitive

- Cuddles, sleeping with group (feels safer)
- Rain (until it become heavy storm)

- Predators - being chased by
- Feeling left alone, lonely.

- Very shy at first meeting, but will warm up quickly and get relaxed.
- Likes to be around a big group, because feels safer around it.
- Is very attached to those who are friendly to her and are around a lot.
- Not a predator, even so she have wolf genes.


Wapiti like appearance. Dark brown fur with two yellow stripes on the sides of her body from shoulder to thigh. Thicker and longer fur grows more around her neck, rear area and tail. Her wolf genes shows on her body parts like tail, snout and eyes. The fur texture is similar to a wolf; soft underfur and coarsed outerfur. As a fawn, she have two nubs on top of her head and when she grows up, she will have pretty paired antlers with blue and red colored feathers (Like Carnival antlers). Green colored eyes. Her hooves are dark grey, almost like black colored.


(Trying to find long-time friendships)

Fuyuko: Another small baby who was searching for shelter. Connected to her and felt very relaxed. A friend.
Sigel: Scary looking, but got shelter and warmth from him so feel very thankfully to him. Would seek out for more shelter and warmth.
Acaltic: Met at the first day when she arrived to the forest. Felt very playful and energetic deer. Get Positive vibes from him.
Morana: Met at the playground while it was still raining. It was cold weather and needed some warmth since her hind legs were already cold so it was hard and painful to walk. Morana accepted that Osmekoe can go get warmth next to her and she got lesson from the lady as well. If you ask something, You should prepare to do the same for the person you asked from. Felt more warmth from Morana and it wasn't only the body heat, she felt warmth from the heart.

Predator: Her nightmare. A predator who chased her and Fuyuko around the forest at the first days when she arrived to the forest. Fears and will avoid at any cost.


Quotes she remembers

"Let me tell you that. If I help you now, then one day I might be the one to ask for your help instead and I'll assume I get that."
- Morana Vegeirsdottir

20 | 02 | 2021 - Arrived to the forest a first time.
21 | 02 | 2021 - Traumatized event by the predator. Was chased around the forest by it.

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Aaaa Thank yoooou <3
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AHH trackily track!!! ;; i

AHH trackily track!!! ;; i love her already, hoping to meet her in the forest!! <333
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Heyyy thank you! <3
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