Development notes

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Begin with the beginning.

Art by Heartless

First thoughts:
Female, dead trees as antlers, strawberries, something sweet.

Art by me

Female still, bald, something ethereal? Too many undefined ideas at this point.

Art by Apeldille

Ap goes all okapi on it. Buttstripes are adorable. Coming back to the gender, making me think guy actually. Albino perhaps, or maybe not at all. Someone "normal" in this crazy forest.

Well as far as someone who has dead trees on his head is normal. By now I am thinking cherries.

Most recent art by me. Male again, based on an okapi's anatomy. Antlers more rough, wildgrowth. Burned down trees.



Almost transparent skin in his face and front legs around the area bone is closest to the skin. Veins on his head like tree roots under the branches.

Where did the name Sasha come from?
Is this my cherry tree? Is a pet or a person named Sasha buried under him?

Age? If he is a tree he could be decades old. As an okapi he could become 30 years. Maturity is after about 2 years. From art atm I'm thinking late 20's.

Scent: Burned wood. Maybe a vague hint of something sweet. Otheriwse piss dirt and whatever a deer smells of WHEEOOO.

Leaning towards male, but pink may lead to him being thought of as feminine. Very sturdy and stocky anatomy though should really distract from that. Androgyne in looks, though this should not define his sexuality. Not looking like some rugged male doesn't mean you have to be homosexual.

Androgyne name? Sasha?

Anatomy based on an okapi. Would make him about 1.50 in shoulder height, a number 17, or 29, maybe 20.
Thus, large. Will need to eat a lot of vegitation. Likely prefers fruit. May feel weird eating trees/grass XD

"The body shape is similar to that of the giraffe, except that okapis have much shorter necks. Like the giraffe, the Okapi has long legs and a robust body."

"The tongue of the okapi is also long enough for the animal to wash its eyelids and clean its ears (inside and out). This sticky tongue is pointed and bluish grey in colour like that of the giraffe."(OH MY GOD o_o" DO I WANT TO GO HERE)

"Okapis are essentially solitary, coming together only to breed, with the exception of mothers and offspring."

"Okapis forage along fixed, well-trodden paths through the forest. "

"The okapi is active during the day, using fixed, well-trodden paths through the jungle. To locate breeding partners, okapis use their well-developed sense of smell. While usually silent, okapis may make a soft cough during the rut."

"The okapi finds the minerals its body needs by eating a sulfurous clay found along river banks.."


*Robust body.
*Blueish grey tongue. But damn it's not 35cm long.
*Eats clay.
*Walks a fixed path every day to forage.
Orderly? Neat?

Thinking cherry tree. The branches on the top of his head could be from a burned down cherry tree. What if he was a cherry tree? What would a reincarnated cherry tree have for a personality?

"Cherry tree symbols mean death and rebirth and new awakenings."

"Cherries bloom in bunches, and so in ancient Japan, a cherry symbolized clouds. Moreover, it was also used metaphorically to show that life of a person is short. The short-lived nature of cherries and their extreme beauty are often associated with mortality. In addition to that, blooming of cherries is considered a sign of good fortune and is also a symbol of love and affection. Cherries were used as motivation for the Japanese people during the Second World War to stir up militarism and nationalism. It is said that Japanese pilots took branches of cherry trees with them during their missions."

"In Japan, cherry blossoms (sakura) are a metaphor for life. A brief, brilliant blooming, followed by the inevitable fall"

"Cherry blossom is a symbol of female beauty and sexuality. Additionally, the cherry blossom is the Chinese symbol of feminine principal it also symbolized love in a language of herbs. "

"From the red to the rich black fruit, it has a symbolic aspect associated with the juices of life and new birth. It also has a tendency to produce thousands of stray seedlings, a gift quite symbolic of it ensuring its own rebirth on some level. It is because of this, that it has often been associated with new awakenings."

"The cherry tree is the tree of the phoenix, which rose from the ashes. One who aligns with its spirit and essence will find the energy and ability to rise from the fires of their own life in a magnificent manner."

*Death, rebirth
*Life is short.
*Good fortune
*Life, mortality

This is a difficult one. Lots of symbolism about life and death. How does this help my character?

I guess he believes in rebirth. Perhaps thus he is not afraid to die.
Life is short; live it to the fullest?
I think life could be important to him in general. Perhaps he is protective of children, some sort of a guardian if needed. Doubt he'd adopt truely, that's not his role.

Good fortune is a bit vague. Can't tell others "hey, my deer brings good luck!" Perhaps I'll find something for that.

Love/sexuality. This guy a shipper? >_>" XD I have never specifically worked with a character who'se goal it'd be to find love. I think that wouldn't really work for me either. So perhaps he is able to see emotions better, perhaps aura's or he's just very good at catching up.
Love comes in many forms anway doesn't it. He's all about FRIENDSHIP and little ponies.

The phoenix would be simple but I kind of like how it links everything together. A phoenix stands for rebirth, life and death. And since the tree burned down, that links back to the phoenix too. Perhaps thus phoenix could be an interesting way to go.


He burned down. How? Why? Well how = fire. HOW ELSE.
Struck by lightning
Forest fire


"To many a Phoenix may represent a new beginning, that no matter how bad (hot) things may get you will get back up on your feet (rise out of the ashes). "

"The Phoenix always rises from its own ashes. It can be a metaphor for always picking yourself up when you are down. "

"Jewish legends name it Milcham and explain its immortality by its faithfulness. It was said that when Eve bit the apple of knowledge, she tempted the animals with the forbidden fruit. The Milcham bird refused and received for its faithfulness a town where it can live a thousand years."

Mainly the reincarnation thing, really. But I like the translation to faithfulness too.

So. Short summary.

*Late 20's(human age)
*Smells of burned wood
*Robust body.
*Blueish grey tongue.
*Quiet. Doesn't moo.
*Walks a fixed path every day to forage.

Was a cherry tree in the past, burned down and got reincarnated.

- The good -
*Not afraid of dying. May be romanticising it.
*Protective of children, likes to keep them company. Feels bad for those without parents.
*Very sensitive to another their emotions
*Tidy, orderly, neat. Likely cleans himself thoroughly too.

That's all nice and dandy, but where does this guy go wrong? What are his bad traits? Otherwise he's perfect, can't have that.

The oak and the reed?

"A story about a reed and an oak, urging us not to rely on strength.
A reed got into an argument with an oak tree. The oak tree marvelled at her own strength, boasting that she could stand her own in a battle against the winds. Meanwhile, she condemned the reed for being weak, since he was naturally inclined to yield to every breeze. The wind then began to blow very fiercely. The oak tree was torn up by her roots and toppled over, while the reed was left bent but unharmed.
Those who adapt to the times will emerge unscathed."

"A very large Oak was uprooted by the wind and thrown across a stream. It fell among some Reeds, which it thus addressed: "I wonder how you, who are so light and weak, are not entirely crushed by these strong winds." They replied, "You fight and contend with the wind, and consequently you are destroyed; while we on the contrary bend before the least breath of air, and therefore remain unbroken, and escape."

Stoop to conquer. "

And this super long poem of which I like this part:

"The wind redoubled and did not relent,
Until finally it uprooted the poor Oak
Whose head had been in the heavens
And roots among the dead folk."

With all his goodness he thinks highly of himself. Too high likely. Vain, prideful, and believing he is always right. Not very adaptive to new things, keeps to old things (like he keeps walking the same route.) Would not quickly admit his wrongs or faults.



Sensitive ears
Spontanious movements = no
button spazzing: o_o".....

Judges by looks.
Tends to assume deer just didn't see him. Who'd ignore him?
Yay for flowers
Prefers small, leafless trees.

Happy to be approached
Exploring mainly right now.
Doesn't usually keep the sleeping company unless they invited him or he greeted them when they were awake. Without consent it feels like creeping.
Looks out for the lonely. Thinks fawns and does are more interested in such company then stags. Stags like to be alone more often.