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Was it:
Tryinga visit. Yet with both my old [dead] and new [funny] tech making me try not to want taking a hammer to them, I'm bound to be distracted all of my online time. Miss ya all.
If you're a friend or we've hanged out inforest before and you want to go wild with code or seeking css/js help, contact me at. It's no bother.
NameMarkSpell SetStatusRP StatusRunSpecies
LemNudistIC. MissingOpen2010 - 2016Neither antelope, deer, goat, nor cattle, though has convergent traits
N/A (OOCer)Antelope MaskOOC. InactiveClosed2019Guess by the set
N/A (The fawn)FawnIC. AroundOpen2010 - presentTEF fawn
Today: Crawled out of a hole with a headache and promptly went to bother Miss A with his hijinks. Hijanked and had fun, got awarded a kazoo mask. Went high-octane for a minute until he broke the thing. Tangoed with Ara to dance his loss away, for the most part hanging off her face cause he got short feet. Then they rested until "Is that a child I see" and he ran off to check that one. Turned out they loved being chased. Win-win. And they danced as well, and Miss A joined, what a goodie. After the other kid disappeared, he stayed with Ara and quietly pretended to be a pimple until the next playtime. Yay.
Met Hugh and jewelye the 2nd/jeweleye Jr.? there.

I keep my activity under the single picto. In-Character views are their own. The OOC is for playing in the forest the old way.
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r.. it's a pleasure to meet

it's a pleasure to meet you.
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It's nice to meet you too...

It's nice to meet you too... That screenshot is interesting.
I wonder how this page will turn out.
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Despite having a clear idea

Despite having a clear idea of its future structure, I wonder, too. It has a good chance of not growing into anything.
The sole prominent glitch. Fits the current state of the page.
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I like pages that are easy on

I like pages that are easy on the eyes like this...
I wonder if you'll ever add music.
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I'm not aware of much music.

I'm not aware of much music. Perhaps.
It would have taken me weeks to figure things out, if not for the help of Unplugged and Zebbie. *bows a thanks to the distance*
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Hmmm... -tracksss-


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Thank you for the anatomy

Thank you for the anatomy scans.
I think I have this book somewhere, but it's extremely cumbersome. It's nice to have a digital copy.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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Eyestrain, I wasn't sure how

I wasn't sure how useful they would be, thus didn't make a separate page. Perhaps I will, once I gather more data.
Thanks for the support.


I'm curious about your user picture.
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By Takato Yamamoto. He

By Takato Yamamoto.
He creates morbidly sexual, disturbing, fleshy art that I happen to enjoy.

You should google him sometime.
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His work is incredible... His

His work is incredible... His use of multiple figures to create a kind of visual confusion adds even more eroticism to the content. And the fine details... It's really amazing, thank you for dropping his name, Ravyn.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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thank you for the

thank you for the company

also... do you recognize that default deer?
It was really strange that it came out of nowhere..
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.! at the first glance the


at the first glance the pictogram seemed familiar, but no.
amh. and as persistent as it was inexperienced at fighting, too.
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Are you hurt?

Are you hurt?
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-the stag dips his head, yet

-the stag dips his head, yet remains silent-
To his mind, wounds heal better if they're not located, unspoken.

/thanks for standing over him. he sensed and appreciated that./
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I understand.

I understand.
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Here, / Probably looks

Here, /

Probably looks nothing like him, but... I doodled him anyway.
I didn't really think much about it except for the color red, and then my hand just took off from there...
I was going for a possibly mellow look, but he turned out too dark, cynical maybe. I'm sorry.
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-bolts out of the sleeping

-bolts out of the sleeping state-

You.. you caught me off guard.
The portrait carries something very familiar, close. Somehow.
I can't say I see it through the choice of colour, or the anatomy, or any particular brush strokes, but it's there. Perhaps, the very things I've been dissociating myself from. Possibly, cynicism.
Makes me wonder, just how much my deer avatar gives myself away in the forest.. I used to consider him highly incompetent.
The tilt of the head, unruly shreds of hair and the impish ear and horns set a good motion for the red. I love it.
The drawing is too perfect to be called a doodle.

Oh, and you don't have to worry about the likeness. Even though he's flesh and bones, the body is supposed to only mark my presence.
He's a plying idea. The features are open to interpretation.
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~ ! I'm so glad you like

~ !
I'm so glad you like it... makes me proud and want to doodle him more if you don't mind...
Will you draw him too?

sorry for such a short response. I'm tired...
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I've finally found you, oh

I've finally found you, oh mysterious deer. ^^
When I played my character, Galene, as a fawn, you and Ravyn protected her from the stag that seemed to get a jolly out of trying stomp her into the ground. Regardless if she is a fawn or adult, she is the one always wearing the DotD pelt.
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Mind?... Ravyn, whenever you

Ravyn, whenever you feel like.
I'm not an artist. But I have drawn. And I will, perhaps.

I hope you had a good rest..
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Fausst, Hello, I recognised

Hello, I recognised your deer and found you here. It just takes me rather l()ng to write, recently.
My nameless creature is perplexed by the fawn-adult transformations, but otherwise loves her company.
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okay. yes, I feel a lot

yes, I feel a lot better.

I hope I'm not too boring in the game...
I've just been doodling a lot lately, so Ravyn hasn't been moving much.
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i'm glad. and I deeply

i'm glad.

and I deeply appreciate any form of presence.
I'm drawing, too; my deer is having a hard time adapting to the forest, his reactions are muffled.
He's rather pleased to be able to sit around.
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there aren't many actions

there aren't many actions available that allow a character to properly be portrayed anyway.
I try to use them as little as possible.

will you show me your doodles?
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"I find your company

"I find your company refreshing and peaceful...thank you for sitting with me. I often enjoy doing so with company."

Hello there.

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silentlikethat, He folds a

He folds a front leg, arches another, his head follows into a bowing gesture.
The pose is tense, as the stag is not used to this form of communication.
   Hh, all better than bellowing into a lady's face.

   Thank you.
   Thank you..

[ My character understands the spoken, and he can't speak himself, yet, aside from some mooing and bellowing.]

Hello. Thank you for sharing these calm moments.
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Ravyn, True. I'm also

True. I'm also learning to use the timing to my advantage.

Here's the most recent one..
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-will comment this when I get

-will comment this when I get home
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It reminds me of a magnified

It reminds me of a magnified view of a bug, or cocoon, but there is something so human about the legs.
It's so strange, all of it, but I do adore it.
love the dull colors, the curve of his back, the thinness of his hands... claws?
he has such a leathery / veiny feel to me...very unique.
I hope to see more, definitely.

edit - a frog... sorry I didn't recognize it before..
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Excellent image.

Excellent image.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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ravynn, hands.. This

This pictogram has taken to floating in the water lately.
The frog form spawns many ideas.
My focus and determination have been close to zero, and everything stretched off into these doodles. I'm pleased with the outcome, though.
Thank you.. .

nah, it's alright, I rarely go for anything definite while drawing. The image might as well be a daydream of a man who used to play all day long near a pond as a child, and yet never had a chance to fall asleep into it.

/a surprised cough/
thank you!
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OokamiAzura, I'm sorry. I


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to overlook or ignore your comment.
Hello and welcome.
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you okay?

you okay?
Uitleger's picture

A respiratory disease of some

A respiratory disease of some kind. The worst has passed.

I think I have a daydream-story for you. Would you like to hear?
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If you don't mind me

If you don't mind me imposing, I would.

Uitleger, I really like these forms you make in harmony.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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:/ okay... yes. I've been

:/ okay...

yes. I've been waiting for a story from you.

Also... she's gorgeous, so alienistic.
my favorite part is the red spark on her back.
It reminds me more of a vein poking through, though...
thank you so much.
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This is amazing... Always

This is amazing...
Always finding something new here. ♥

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*sneaks in*

*sneaks in*
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O_O cool!

O_O cool!
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It's not the first time I'm

It's not the first time I'm looking at your blog but now I should finally comment on here ♥
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eyestrain-- Imposing? Not at

Imposing? Not at all.
Thank you for taking an interest in my oddworks.

They're somewhat like children, sudden, incomplete, going astray more often than not, but still loved. Thanks.

I've got little instinct of self-preservation..

Concerning creative processes, I never plan or promise anything. I'm sorry for taking so long, keeping you waiting.

! I'm glad.. I wish I could've drawn her frame to be more petite, though.
Mrr, I was thinking of blood, bubbling and boiling glass.
You're welcome so.

Hm, stumbled across my mess of a page..
Thank you, thank you and welcome.!

Ahhh.. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope I've never had.
The mirror pieces give passage to a blizzard. That, along with the juxtaposed fly agarics and deep colours forms a cosy, but also unsettling air.
at the bottom of a dusty vase
Thank you very much for this and for the company. Back then and today.


Hello, hello. Thank you!

Good evening. My nameless deer loved Crybaby's company. Thank you for spending some time with him.)
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thank you for the company, I

thank you for the company, I feel bad I never do anything.

relax, breathe. it will be okay...
Uitleger's picture

..welcome. you don't have to

..welcome. you don't have to feel obliged. there's no right or wrong pace, i'm just glad should the paths cross every once in a while.

It's a highly euphoric and inspirational moment, though can get unproductive if I don't keep things flowing in order.
I appreciate your intention.
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I've truly never seen

I've truly never seen anything like that animation. Beautiful atmosphere, wonderful surreality. It's exactly what I needed to see to inspire me for my next project. Thank you so much for sharing.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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Ah... I watched this

Ah... I watched this animation a while back, and thought it was something wonderful...
I still think so. This story really moves me, for some reason.
Sad, bittersweet... but beautiful.
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Do you speak russian?

Do you speak russian?