This is Noelle.

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28 September, 2018 - 8 October, 2018

Rut Participant; Judge.

• Noelle, Noel, Noe
• Impact, Strike,

• Eden's Serpent
• The Ivory Rose
• Maid of the Mist
• Queen of Hearts

Stature (13)
• Mature adult
• Feminine female
• Pansexual demiromantic

• Whitetail origins * Heavy serpentine and feline influences.

• Osiris; son
Solei; ward
• Kaoori; 'blood' sister
• Many more
    Deceased or estranged.


• Housed in a supple body, much like a doe's with prominent hackles at her withers. She moves with the high step of a whitetail and the grace of a feline.
• The eyes are colored harlequin green and brandish vertically slit pupils that function much like a domestic cat's.
• Equipped with long, hinged, fangs of a viper toward the of front her mouth that may fold or retract into the gum when not in use.
• Omnivorous. Typically vegetarian. Debatably cannibalistic; may eat chunks of flesh from her opponents.
• She carries the faint aroma vanilla beans and roses. When emotions are high - especially when enraged - this scent becomes saccharine and is sickening in its sweetness.
• A shape-shifter. A creature designed purely of her own will and influenced by what inspires her at the time. May change her shape, grow antlers, and alter her size. Doesn't care to do so on a regular basis and typically keeps to her doe-like form while in the forest. Capable of purring, growling, hissing, and snarling no matter her shape. Quite vocal in these ways.
• Ghostly; fully tangible and yet possesses an ethereal air. Cannot be killed and cannot be permanently maimed; bleeds golden ichor.
• Resides in no single time or place and can travel freely between various realms and chronologies even to the extent of potentially existing in multiple realities at any given moment.
• First set foot within the forest in the fall of 2006 as a full-grown doe, lively and wild. Altered to her core over time by the sway of magic, severe hardships, fervent moments, and her own choices.

    Contradictory, in a word. Complicated, in another. An enigma as a whole.
    To the outside world she presents herself as a poised, sensually provocative and playfully nefarious woman who remains light-hearted and takes very little seriously; an elegant dancer who is deeply self-loving, but not narcissistic. There is a reason for and against everything that she does and every reason is passionate. She is a storm of emotions; no feeling is unknown to her. Constant internal wars are often perfectly concealed by smiling masks of tranquility.
    A broken soul of a broken mind, the doe is unpredictable in many ways. There are days when she is forgetful and days when her mind is a steel trap. Having lived eight lives prior, she may sometimes confuse memories of previous lives to be relevant to her current. Bound to a seemingly malevolent entity throughout each, and still tied to the monster of her own making, the doe is immensely guarded and fiercely secretive in slight, subtle ways. Although one is likely to never know it, she rarely speaks her mind and often shares little, if any, of her true thoughts and feelings. All but very few are kept at a distance even though she is usually welcoming to friend, acquaintance, and stranger alike. Individuals and situations may often receive completely unique treatment no matter how similar they may be. Minor details make all the difference.
    Noelle is a slave to whim and none can truly know her. She is never who she was the day before.

    An experienced combatant who has survived a number of relatively historical wars that have taken place both within the realm of the Forest and outside of it. Though generally passive, she will not hesitate to protect herself and others with vehement aggression.
    Shape-shifting is a frequent tool of battle and often utilized to sprout horns or antlers, bolster either strength or agility. Venom is also within her arsenal. The doe's bite can be lethal should she manage an optimal strike and choose to inject the victim with hemotoxin Hemotoxic venom attacks and destroys red blood cells and disrupts the blood's ability to clot. A victim may bleed from orifices such as open wounds, the ears, nose, eyes, gums, and within the brain. The toxin may also attack, kill, and dissolve other cells and tissues; bones may also be effected in extreme cases. Symptoms are not always immediate and may only begin to show hours after an individual is envenomed. . Such pristine bites that allow high dosages of venom are rare and as such she is unlikely to kill in this way, but lesser doses may still cause considerable damage. Spitting venom is not uncommon either and is often directed at the eyes, mouth, and open wounds.
    sTUFF ABOUT.. being medically versed..


still dk 5 seemed like a good idea..

All actions are in-character. Noelle does not represent her player in any way.
I am always open for chat, roleplay, or discussion of issues; feel free to contact me privately for any reason.
Skype: hraeth ♟ Email:

J!n's picture

Oh, so that's her name.. She

Oh, so that's her name..
She has become very close to Saosin.

I'm glad to know more about her, lovely bio<3

Way to put mine to shame,

Way to put mine to shame, woman. xP

It's totally awesome and motivates me to work on mine some more. <3

Fay <3 Noelle~
Hraeth's picture

@ Saosin - I'm glad to

@ Saosin -
I'm glad to hear that. :3 Sao's her favorite stag and closest friend, after all. I'm glad you like the biography so far. Hopefully it'll look a little less bland when I'm done with it

@ MrsMorbid -
Ffff~. I stole a bunch of ideas from yours if that helps any? xD
Noe <3s Fay more~.

J!n's picture

Hnn.. what's up with Noelle

Hnn.. what's up with Noelle today? She seems upset..

Hraeth's picture

She must have made a wrong

She must have made a wrong gesture to a couple of stags or just stumbled across them at the wrong time and wound up being attacked by the two of them. She made the mistake of not running away immediately and tried to defend herself which only made the circumstances worse and they chased her for a bit after she was forced to flee.

Saosin came across her when she was venting her pain and anger at the tree and she got shy/ashamed when she realized he was there.

She's been skittish and a bit more stand-offish than usual because of all that.

Long Noe-day. xD She'll be back to herself soon enough.

J!n's picture

Attacked by them? Do you

Attacked by them? Do you know who they were or do you remember what they looked like? I'm curious.

No need for her to be shy around Saosin, he does things like that all the time.
He will be watching over her even more from now on..
Hraeth's picture

I don't know who they were,

I don't know who they were, I hardly had a chance to look at their pictograms before the fire was loosed, but one wore the orca pelt, default antlers and whistler mask. The other had the golden butterfly pelt, zombie antlers and skull mask.

But don't worry~. He doesn't have to bother himself with watching over her any more than he does. He's a fine guardian already <3 Noe will just have to be a little less bold when it comes to things like that.

Iaurdagnire's picture

This is a very well made

This is a very well made bio. I'm rather jealous ;3
Direbeastrex's picture

What does her picto look

What does her picto look like?

J!n's picture

Oh, Noelle.. I'm sorry for

Oh, Noelle.. I'm sorry for leaving you like that, it pains me..
But I have a very close friend who needs me more right now. I hope you can understand.

I don't want you to be alone.. Please come to me.

Hraeth's picture

Ah-ha! I knew I was

Ah-ha! I knew I was forgetting something important. I'll get it on there in just a moment.

Hraeth's picture

"Don't fret, Saosin. I'm

"Don't fret, Saosin. I'm spoiled already. Being able to tag-along with you as much as I do is a joy and understand entirely if you need to go elsewhere without me for a time. I respect you even more for your reasons.

And don't worry about leaving me on my own. I promise I can handle myself. Thank you, though~."

Snowrift's picture

Im in love with this bio

Im in love with this bio xD

Hraeth's picture

@ Dag & Snowrift - <333 ~

@ Dag & Snowrift - <333

Ravyn's picture

Your biography is so

Your biography is so beautiful.
The music really soothes me. <3

Ravynn, I hope you listened

Ravynn, I hope you listened to the whole thing because it gradually gets even more EPIC. ;O

*chose the song* >_>

Hraeth's picture

Thanks! <3 The music does

Thanks! <3 The music does the same for me.

Lovins @ MrsMorbid

Ravyn's picture

Oh, I'm sorry...:/ I

Oh, I'm sorry...:/
I listened to it all, now. (:

I really love the intensity of it. <3

J!n's picture

-pale blue eyes meets the

-pale blue eyes meets the ones of emerald-
Don't run from me.. You don't have to prove anything.
I just want to stay close to you.

Hraeth's picture

I'm sorry... I'm just- I'm

I'm sorry... I'm just- I'm lost right now.
I don't mean to. Thank you.

Snowrift's picture

Do you do art

Do you do art requests/trades? Because that is simply amazing. -glomps-

Lovely bio!

Hraeth's picture

Thank you very much. <3 I

Thank you very much. <3

I don't usually do requests or trades, but I've got a lot of TEF inspiration, so I'm willing to give a request a blue shot. Anything you have in mind?

Snowrift's picture

If you ever got the time or

If you ever got the time or felt like doing art, I would love love love one of Harlow!
If your too busy its fine, I just adore that on in your bio. x3

Hraeth's picture

Interesting character~. I'll

Interesting character~. I'll see about getting something done for him. :3 Be patient with me, though. Might be a while before I complete it.

Snowrift's picture

8DD Yay! Thankyou so

8DD Yay! Thankyou so much!

Iaurdagnire's picture

<3 It made me happy to see

It made me happy to see so many appear, I didn't expect it! So thank you =) But it's not over till it's over ;D

Hraeth's picture

Snowrift- <:3 Dag- It was a

Snowrift- <:3

Dag- It was a fun event and unexpected occurrence; it really balanced out all the happy-fun parties. x3 I look forward to more.


aha, now I know who that

aha, now I know who that picto belongs to

main deer: Amary, Melinoe, Sheen
Hraeth's picture

8D I've seen you around~!

8D I've seen you around~! -goes about tracking your characters-

adderskin's picture

This is a beautiful bio,

This is a beautiful bio, lovely music!
Hraeth's picture

Thank you! <3 ~

Thank you! <3

Iaurdagnire's picture

I love hanging out with you

I love hanging out with you :3 it's fun to run around aimlessly! <3

Serenai's picture

"11|1|09 - "Despite all the

"11|1|09 - "Despite all the events and interesting goings ons, I've not much to point out from these last few days. The greatest highlight was finding a wonderful friend in a little fawn named Atvana. Calm, but fun; wise, but still learning. Atvana's company was a joy. I look forward to our next meeting."

I would just like to say that that brought tears to my eyes. What kindness you show. I am still too deeply impacted to reply with much deliberation.

Thank you for that, in the most sincerity words can carry.
Icon Art © Beloved
J!n's picture

Noelle.. Where are you?

Noelle.. Where are you?
Hraeth's picture

Aww, Serenai.

Aww, Serenai. <33333 You're very welcome. I meant every word.

Saosin - Saosin, my dear friend, where I have been is difficult to describe and I'm afraid I'll have to go back soon. But, don't worry; I promise you everything is alright. -grins and nuzzles-
Iaurdagnire's picture

Hello stranger! Was wondering

Hello stranger! Was wondering where you'd disappeared to. This time of year is especially busy hm? (;
If I don't see you in forest today, have a great Christmas and New Year =)
Hraeth's picture

Well hai! =D Busy seems

Well hai! =D Busy seems horribly inadequate, but yes, to say the least. x3

A merry Christmas and happy New Year to you, as well. I hope you'll enjoy them both~! <3
Serenai's picture

It's nice seeing her again.

It's nice seeing her again. <3

xD Tree dancing.

Febuary is a long time, but we'll be here when you're back. :3 We'll miss you. <333333333333
Icon Art © Beloved
Hraeth's picture

Was nice seeing Atvana again

Was nice seeing Atvana again too! And Sao and all the others. :3 <3


February's not all that far away. Will be here before you know it! I'll definitely miss you and every one too. Already do. <333

Be good till next time!
Serenai's picture

Certainly will, my friend. :3

Certainly will, my friend. :3 We await your return eagerly. Good luck and happiness with you in your endeavours~
Icon Art © Beloved

Oh man. I love the music so

Oh man. I love the music so much.

Good luck and enjoy yourself while you're away! Hopefully I'll get to meet Noelle when you return. :3
Hraeth's picture

Serpent - I can't believe you

Serpent - I can't believe you had the nerve to post here after your thievery...
Iaurdagnire's picture

*Flails* You're back! I'll be

*Flails* You're back! I'll be watching this space like a hawk (;
Hope you're well!
J!n's picture

Welcome back

Welcome back<3
Serenai's picture

Welcome back, dear.

Welcome back, dear. <3

I hope that you had a nice time.
Icon Art © Beloved

... :/

... :/
Hraeth's picture

Dag, Sao, Serenai - Thanks

Dag, Sao, Serenai - Thanks guys <333

Serp - Thanks for the well wishings, anyway.
Iaurdagnire's picture

That's what I call a

That's what I call a make-over! I love her new look <3
Ravyn's picture

I love that music...

I love that music...
Hraeth's picture

-Thanks! I didn't really

-Thanks! Laughing out loud I didn't really want to make it too drastic (I don't really know if I achieved that or not |D) but I'm happy with it, I think. Now it's just a matter of figuring out what I want to do with the rest of the biography~. Dag's is looking pretty awesome, by the way. ;D

-Thanks Ravynn. :3 I always thought it was gorgeous and sparked the emotions.