Echo of the Forest

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The Silver Moon

Physical 100% / Mental 100% / Emotional 100%
Basic Inforations

Name » Metsänkaiku
Name Meaning » 'Echo of the Forest'
Nicknames » Kaiku (meaning 'Echo')
Pictogram » Bananach (second generation)
Birthday » 3.8.2017
Arrived » 5.4.2019
Zodiac sign » Leo
Gender » Female
Orientation » Pansexual
Personality type ENFJ-A - Protagonist
Size » 1.7m at shoulder
Reference » Fullbody
Speech » Singsong noticeably rhythmical way of speaking. Clear and beautiful tone.
Scent » Pine needles, sage, and thyme.
Species » TEF Deer, caribou and wapiti
Diet » Herbivore
Mate » ...
Home » 119 x 85
Favorite spots » ...
Origin » Deveviach, The Summer Reach
The Endless Forest / Tumblr / Pinterest

Protective - Empathetic
Welcoming - Caring - Gentle - Loyal
Motherly - Playful - Honest - Optimistic
Extrovert - Unagressive - Mystical - Warm
Nostalgic - Faithful - Clumsy - Experimental
Jealous - Escapist - Emotional
Cautious - Hot-tempered
Stubborn - Alert

In forest set
Skull mask
Gray/Long pelt
Fan antlers

Stash / Gifts

Silver necklace A gift from Calligeneia.


Easily open to new faces and wants to make them feel welcomed. In a polite way bows before making any other action, making sure the opposition have time to react.

Feels happy to lean or be close to someone and even have a small cuddle moment. Having the feeling someone is there just at that time.

Doesn’t talk that much and is likely more happy to give time to someone else to talk. She gladly listen, but opens her mouth when the opportunity arises or if she has an important matter or asked to speak.

Likes being alone, being allowed to make her thoughts fly around and without any extra loud noise. Loves peace and quiet, but does not resent the company of others.

Have her own enjoyment when watching the forest gods joining to the forest and making abiogenesis events or halloween party.

Can sometimes be very contradictory with herself. Need time to think everything and clear her mind.

Loves to swim, but not in deep water.

Have deep bond for those who she loves the most and will do anything to protect them.

Nature mind and will avoid any predatory looking creatures (depends if they are friends) or those who are threat to her. Trotting away when feeling in danger.

Showing comfort when rubbing her head to someone's back.

Forgiving but not forgotten mind.

If she is alone and another unknown creature approaches her threateningly or suspiciously, will take steps back and quickly runs away to another direction to save her own skin. The animal instincts force her to back off and run away, but if the situation is different that there is a smaller creature with her, the protective instincts will be more visible and she will stay to fight if has to. She doesn't risk her life for strangers, but if it's someone very important, she stays to protect and fight at the risk of her own life without question.

She never shows her weakness to others she doesn't know or feel she can trust. Even if she is badly wounded, always tries to show that she is fine and that others don't think she is easy prey to hunt down.

Her mind and thought is more feral than human. She tends to keep the distance if there is a creature with an aggressive or predatory appearance even if they don't mean any harm. She can never be too careful.

She have very heavy steps and usually can be heard ankles clicking and the ground vibrates under her when she run or trot around. The movements mimics the moose way to walk, trot and run

because of her clumsiness, she may run into a dense forest in fear and stumble, for example, on fallen trees if she doesn't look where she's running. Because of this, it can be heard where she is running when the branches break and thuds are heard like someone dashes to the deep forest.

When she keeps company with someone else who is, for example, much smaller than she is, she lays herself down and closes eyes and hangs her head a little to pretend that she is resting or sleeping. In this way, she shows that there is no danger from her, even though her size is enormous and may arouse fear in the smallest creatures. Although she shows calmness and gentleness in this way, is still very wary of the creatures and movements around her. Even a small startle can make her stand up in an instant, but as long as there is no disturbance or danger, she remains calm and peaceful while lying down.

She never lowers her head completely to the ground when sleeps, due to the fact that she has to watch that nothing unpleasant happens around. She sleeps deeply only when feels safe alone or with someone else.

Golden Heart
Remains loyal and will love her mate throughout their time together. Once she finds a mate she would love for the rest of her life, she would never let them go, unless the life and death comes to their way. Wants her mate to live freely, but still feel loved everyday. Takes her own personal time sometimes as well and gives it to her lover too when it’s needed. Would be there as shoulder, breaking the walls and fighting side by side.

Earning the trust
Trust will be earned over time without rushing. Making her trust someone and then breaking it with horrible way, will cause hate and distant. She can forgive, but never forget.

Respectful soul
She have a deep respect for elders, olders and those who has seen the world more than she is. She will not be intrusive or questioning about other's life, but is always curious to hear if someone wanna share. She understand it if someone doesn't want to talk with her about their business and won't talk about it further or starting to question it. Metsänkaiku is also a very closed about her life and won't start to talk about it either for strangers, but in time, when she feel more comfortable or that she trust someone, she will be like an open book.

Metsänkaiku is actually a good defender and fighter. With her huge body build and the antlers, she can protect herself and others, depending of the opposition how big or strong they are. She never turns her back to a fight or a stranger she doesn’t trust and If she doesn’t have any other choise than fighting against, she will do it.

Human form
❄ Left handed.
❄ 1.73m / 5' 8"
❄ Thick hourglass body.
❄ Silvery, bit messy short polka hairstyle. Sometimes wears a bunbun.
❄ Olive green eyes.
❄ Vine red lipstic and eye shadow.
❄ Semi pale skintone.
❄ noticeable scar on the left side of the mouth.



Best friends
Zioomka Writing later...

Calligeneia Attached quite fast for the lady at their first meeting. Like a mother-figure to Metsänkaiku and felt like her own mother. Heard about her children and felt sorrow when she heard how Calligeneia had to bear such a heavy burden in her heart. Looks up to and feels comfort around her. Metsänkaiku misses from time to time and thinks about where she is.

Neutral / Seen / Met
Landan New acquaintance. Feels more or less interested, but appreciates his presence and maybe receives gentle closeness by them. Would like to see more. She would like to see more of him in the future and share quiet company. They live in the same area and somewhat like sharing their home with one another. Warm welcoming.
Mif-Sher New acquaintance. Her presence is interesting. Would look again at any time to share company.

Negative / Hate / Fear
Argyros A predator from her home world. Doesn't know how he followed her to the Endless forest and how he found her. She is one of the fawns who survived from his attack at her home world. Witnessed her mother's death when Argyros sink his fangs to her. traumatized by the events he has caused to her and will always feel anger and hate towards him. Sometimes can see nightmares.

Lost / Gone / Remembered
Masami The only one who Metsänkaiku loves the most, want to share life with her and stay together the rest of their both life. Adores her and have strong bond. Metsänkaiku and Masami meet up at the other world than the endless forest. They both traveled and made the adventures together with facing all kind of dangerous creatures. She is ready to do anything to keep Masami safe and will protect her at any cost. Lost, pain, heartache.
Nameless Mother. Dead. Heartache, somethimes longing her at the graveyard by her loss.


Born (3.8.)
Her mother taught life meanings and how to survive.
A predator (Argyros) attacked her herd at their own world. He killed everyone expect Metsänkaiku to make sure she will feel pain from the loss and she will always remember him. Gave a title "Child Eater" since he ate all the fawns wholly infront of her and the herd. (9.12.)
She had to escape from her birthplace and start to live her own.
Found a portal to the other world.

Made her way to the human world, in Finland. Started her life in there, found a cabin to herself in the wilderness at the northest spot.
Learned ways to survive in the wilderness alone.

Was ported to her own world. Received a necklace to open portals.
Met Masami when she has grown a lot. (1.3.)
Arrived to the Endless Forest with Masami. (5.4.)
Her necklace turned into her own pictogram shape.
Learned that Argyros found his way to the forest as well to find Metsänkaiku. Fought with him. Received a wound to the left side of her mouth, other wounds healed more faster. (2.5.)
Joined to the fight club event to train her fighting skills, but also to learn the forest and how to live there. (4.5.)
Met Calligeneia. Learned about her and her children. Received a silver necklace as a gift. (12.5.)
Left forest for a while and went back to her home world.

Have been training herself. She has become more tough. Has been taking care of Masami and protected her from everything the have faced together.

Haven't seen Masami. Lost contact to her. Heartbreaking. Was hoping the best, but lost her hope after she tried to find her for year.
Came back to the forest again after a while (28.12.)
Disappeared to the human world. Spend almost the whole year there . Seeing her friends and spending normal human life.

Arrived back to the forest (23.11.)
Met Landan and Mif-Sher. Missed the company in the forest. Was happy to meet new faces and spend some nostalgic times.

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