Maman | Piaf

Sketched a while back, fleshed out today.
Took my artistic liberty, as usual, hope her owner enjoys.
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THAT'S AMAZING!!! You hit her

You hit her shapes and features so perfectly, I love the way your lines look so concise, gosh, I just love it, to the point of tears.
This was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise and I hope you don't mind so much if I keep this beautiful art, god I love it so muuuuuch q-q

I'm pretty sure Young is hiding in her mane somewhere...

Glad to hear this, and sure

Glad to hear this, and sure it's all yours.
I figured I'd go with the "unraveling yarn ball" look for her mane/torso because there's something esoteric/witchy to the looks of it, and because nobody's done it that way before.
I equally enjoyed drawing everything here, although the claws might be my favorite.

And no, not yet, but he'll likely get his imaginary swim aids ready once he's feeling young enough to dive in.