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August 7

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LMAO, Uit))))) I forgot I was

LMAO, Uit)))))
I forgot I was not alone in the room and laughed out loud at the third one Laughing out loud
These are brilliant!

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Haha. There: This moment is

Haha. There:

This moment is from the reality where Cro's ok with Urchin's shenanigans.

Thank you, Urchin.
Hope you had fun explaining that laugh to your company.

Good thing I got the sense to check the screen, otherwise there'd be only the sunning bird for Aug, 7.
Could about hear a northman sea shanty when I saw this:
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I wonder if anyone's ever

I wonder if anyone's ever told you that some of your art is just like those Magic Eye pictures, where at first the eye sees nothing but random lines and shapes that make no sense at all, no matter how hard you stare into them, but then the focus shifts, a magical tumbler clicks in your brain, and all of a sudden you're able to see a hidden 3D image. Noticed the effect back when I first came across your art on this site years ago, but I still experience it from time to time. Interesting.

Yeah, I didn't know if you were afk, but thought it was worth checking. And I haven't regretted it)
Haha, true, Cro looks like a perfect Viking sheep here, moored at the river bank.

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Gosh, it's beautiful, I'm

Gosh, it's beautiful, I'm literally in love with the third job
Ursch looks so cute ~

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These are so good. And I like

These are so good. And I like the page design too - elegant and seemingly simple.