Whispers In The Forest

Whispers In The Forest


24.3 - 25.3.2022

Mood: Alert, worried and confused.
Health: Healthy | In pain

It was an ordinary day in the forest, the sun was high and it's sunlights was hitting behind the trees, it was warming. It’s been a couple of days and nothing has happened for a long time, but there’s been a little uneasiness in the air. Athwardra's wounds have already healed and closed, but the scars are still visible, at least the biggest ones, the small scars have healed and are hidden under the fur that won't be even noticed. Small bloodsuckers have been a nuisance, but it hasn’t hampered the going much. It has been wonderful to spend time with a small family like a family friend and meet new faces. Keeping an eye on small growing kids like Selena and Ryder, also a new nameless little one.
The whole day she was able to be still and just enjoy the spring sun in the company of others, but surprisingly a little pain in the body, which had not previously bothered her, has now begun to irritate and make her think a little bit about what might be the cause of the pain. The pain has been in only a few areas of the body in places, but now it has reached the point that the whole body is tingling and hurting. When the pain started to intensify, Athwardra took a distance from new acquaintances to make sure it won't be bothered. She did not wanted to talk to anyone because she didn't know what was bothering her, she moved away and left quietly without saying a word towards the birch forest. Upon reaching the birch area, the pain became more and more unbearable and she could no longer even stand properly. It was necessary to look for a good sheltered spot just in case she would be knocked out. Athwardra did not want to stay in the open area, because of predators or anyone else she didn't wanted to bother. She wanted to be hidden from everyone and just be at peace, hoping that the pain would go away and the cause of what was causing the pain. Hours later, the pain only continued, but the pain points had now moved in the neck and back of the head, there was a lot of pain in the ankles and tailbone, the ears were sensitive. She later lost consciousness due to the pain and laying completely silent, hiding surrounded by bushes.
The next day she woke up and the pain was already relieved, no longer suffered. Athwardra quickly raised her head to realize she was still alive, but it felt as if she had just been crushed between the rocks. Head spun, felt blurry a while and she didn't immediately realize where anyone was or was there anyone nearby. She nodded side to side her head for a while to get time to recover, sometimes her head dropped back to the ground, but in a flicker she lifted it fast back up. After lying down for a while and regaining consciousness, she began to think about that pain and what was causing it. Suddenly remembered that when she first time came into the woods, the pain was similar and pretty much in the same places, but didn't lost her consciousness. She began to wonder why her appearance in home world hadn’t been the same in the Endless Forest so far, but then she looked sideways at her feet and noticed some green fur around her ankles, quite similar to what she has in home world in her true form. She quickly got up and noticed that eye vision had returned back to normal, she saw the world exactly as in home world, which was strange it had seen it before. She walked to the pond and looked at his image reflected on the surface of the water and was startled. Her form had indeed changed to true form and in the end her appearance was finally complete in Endless forest as well. She waved the feathers on her neck, waved tail which had long hair from the center and looked at the hair around her ankles, finally waving ears with tufts of fur at the ends.
She was happy but at the same time confused as to why her condition was developing so slowly and why in the middle of the month before her true condition developed in the forest. Maybe it was the forest’s own magic or something else, but she was happy to finally get to show who she really was.

She has been able to experience two fights in three days. As new in the woods, wants to see how much damage she can take before she falls to the ground and how much her power is to the opponent as she pays the damage back.

She has received care from many new faces, but she herself does not feel it's needed or is unable to accept help because of her own selfishness. She doesn’t dare to lower the guard down for everyone, but for a few she has dropped and let to come close or even touched.

Basic informations

Real Name: Athwardra
Called as: Zarola | means "Hunter", Zara (from Olga)
Pictogram: Pandaxiongmao
Day of Arrival: 25.2.2022
Day of Birth: November 25th
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Female | Doe
S.O: Panromantic Heterosexual
Status: Single
Species: Roth'thera |Mythical
Height: 165cm / 5ft 4.9in from shoulder
Professions: Huntress, Scholar
Home/Origin: Kri'ias, Hei'or


Independent – Caring – Loyal – Brave
Observant – Reserved – Respectful – Dependable
Reckless – Temperamental – Stubborn

Alignment: Chaotic good

Good mannered, polite and welcoming. Have her own way to approach others and always keeps her distant before going straight to someone as she want to see if they are friendly or danger. Stares at first from the distant and it may take sometimes a long time before taking a steps back and leaving.

Taking slowly and carefully when sharing company with someone, no matter their appearance or how old they are. More gentle around younger ones since her mother instincts may hit. Doesn't activitely seek company, but doesn't mind of getting time from stranger or even giving company to someone. There is times when she wanna stay away from everyone and stay inside her personal space. One of the times is when she is badly injured since she doesn't wanna show her weakness at that time when she is most vulnerable, but sometimes consider to search someone when she knows she is unable to fight back to get backup. Can't take any help from anyone since she has always been there taking care only by herself, but can't deny anyone who just gives help without asking.

Always thinks before acts, but it doesn't always go like that easily, depends on the matter and time. Can make fast actions without thinking first if the situation is moving too fast or if there is any unfair events going on to her eyes. Doesn't like to put her nose to someone's business and the other side too that she doesn't like if someone else tries to put their nose to her business.

• Hidden fangs. Sharp, predatory teeth. Only showing when snarling or opening mouth. Hard to see while she talks.

• Will and can hunt in her home world, yet won't do such a hunting in other worlds or with her feral form.

• In human form she does like to spend time more alone than in feral form. She strangely feel safer on her feral form around others.

• Is omnivorous. Eats meat amd vegetables, but never hunts for her food in feral form.

• One-man woman. Doens't like to switch mates. Want to have long term relationship with someone. Finding the right one is hard, but when she finds it, she won't let go and will give every piece of her to keep it healthy and lasting.

• Loves to travel and go to adventures to find new stuff and collect them. Owns a lot of old scrolls, books and maps from all around her home world.

• Family and friends are everything to her and she will make sure to do her best and keep them safe.

• Daydreaming. Sometimes her words cut and she forget what she were saying. Can also be noticed when she wakes up from daydreaming when someone is talking to her.



Scars of the left side.
♦ Her scent is like Morning dew, Musk, Rosewood
♦ Hidden sharp fangs. Cas be seen when snarling or opening her mouth. Have beast like fangs which can tear meat easily.
♦ Clover green colored eyes. Good farsightedness.
♦ Four Blue Jay feathers. Two on both sides behind the ears.
♦ Okapi style rear area white stripes. Five white stripes on neck, behind the antlers and ears.
♦ Black face markings continues from the face to the neck as a long thin stripe, attaching to the belly and around the elbos. Black socks with white thick stripes pointing forwards. White thick areas on ankles.
♦ Deep green, poison colored hooves which glows when light hits them at right angle.
♦ From the front to the back the body fur color blends from the dark greyish blue hue to the purple and then orange hues.
Front area is more darker and rear is more lighter, like a sunset.
♦ The fur type is silky. The under fur is more rough and thicker.
♦ Gemsbok strugture, big and heavy body.
♦ Two long and sharp, black colored pair of horns pointing diagonally backwards.
♦ Long black mane starting on top of the head, to the neck and back, along the lower back to the tail.


♦ Reference
♦ 5’10”
Face claim
♦ Voice
♦ Right handed
♦ The hair is long and is stopping to the lower back. Hair is colored as dark deep blue which blends down with purple color.
♦ A little messy hair and because of that keeps them as big bun on the neck at times. The hair will get a bit curly when wet.
♦ Clover green colored eyes.
♦ Med-light skin with pink tones.
♦ Blushy cheeks with noticeable freckles.
♦ Have frostbite on fingers and toes. The areas are bit darker/redder than her normal skin color.
♦ Her body shape is a bit worked out, curved average.

Scars: Two medium sized on her left side under cheek. Three long scars over her shoulders, from right to left side, cutting her mane too. One medium cut on her left side near elbo. Three medium size scars on left side of the neck, pointing to the chest area.



Name ...


Name ...



Neutral / Seen

Tuli, Madison, Olga, Hector, Faina

Negative / Hate / Fear



Name ...



Birth world. WAs born and raised in this world, keeps it dear to her heart as she earned her professions in there. Training and learning everyday. Owns a cottage next to a forest and a mountain, a short distance from a small village. Holds valuable scrolls, old books, and maps she received from her own father before his death. Keeps her father's weapon hanging over fireplace as a memory of him and his times when he was hunting monstres all over the world.

The Endless Forest

Second home. Enjoy the calm and magical atmosphare.

Development + History

9.3.2022 - Fought with a predator (Coriat) while tried to protect a doe from it. Received wounds: around the neck and shoulders.


This character is 95% In-Character.
May act oocly around other ooc or nameless players.

This biography may contain bad language, heavy violence, mature content.
Any actions this character makes is not influenced by the player's thoughts, if you have any thoughts, questions or her actions influences you personally, please let me know! I will gladly talk about it and clear any misunderstandings. This character is open to any interactions, may it be positive or negative or just sitting silently.

Discord: LeafyLupus#4972

This character is originally made by me/LeafyLupus.
Avatar art made by Pixeldeer
Code help from Unplugged's Blog

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