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Finally sought Yuzu’s father- Isao- to tell the dragon of the boy’s existence. Went as well as such an admission and info dump like that could go… especially with neither Seika nor Isao truly able to think of any possible solutions. Didn’t walk away feeling better but didn’t feel worse, luckily. Mostly relieved it didn’t go horribly.

After that came Tenka’s arrival in the forest as well, to which Seika feels a soft or comfort by, not feeling quite as alone as before.

Still… processing. Even a little over two weeks later hasn’t fully grasped the situation he’s in, how to deal with it, or where to go from here. Continued eyeing Matt and Lan from a distance after the encounter yet hasn’t seen either around, meaning no Yuzuru either— much to Seika’s worries. Overall hasn’t told anyone much, only giving broad gists of his situation in confused and distressed rambles. Seeking Jay and Khazra, generally. Knows simply snuggling up to familiar faces isn’t gonna fix his very real problems but… it’s all he can do for now. Even with the visits finds himself alone much more frequently than he wants, desperate for some sort of comfort or solace or really anything to put his mind at ease, especially as he second guesses many parts of himself and his actions. Spiraling, mostly alone and highly confused.

Sometime ago chatted with Phobos/Astegos.

Today finally approached Yuzuru’s seemingly new parents aaaand… met with much more coldness than he expected. Went in with a nonaggressive approach knowing how unnerving it’d be from the others’ point of view, yet couldn’t actually mentally prepare himself for the onslaught of emotions the couple’s attitude and words cause him. Couldn’t understand why he was being punished for the suffering he’d already gone through. Managed to embrace the young child yet it only felt like another goodbye rather than the heartfelt reunion he wanted. Angry and broken, didn’t stop the two when they said it was time to leave, upset his time was cut short with Yuzuru but glad to get away from the others to collect his thoughts.

Feels more lost and upset than before. Feels he’s one wrong move away from consequence or punishment despite his innocent intentions. Longs to explain that all in all, he’s just a parent wanting their lost child back, yet discouraged and unsure of if he can prove that to be the case.

he’s dumb and sad

Targeted by a big ole dire wolf as his player lagged out a ton but luckily Garai was already getting said wolf and Seika got a chance to scamper off and out of sight. Apparently getting whacked at didn't deter him so just casually followed the fight (turned mob now) from a distance. Eventually got close once the wolf was taken down and slithered in to nab some bones… one of which he gave to Jay. Had some shenanigans with Sigel and Menace because he couldn’t resist before leaving to clean all the yuck off himself. Returned to pass out snuggled up at Jay’s den for the rest of the day… till he ran off hours later to play with a giant puppy!

Over a week ago, entered the Forest in hopes of finding his missing son. Lost in the new world and entirely baffled at the nature of the apparently looping woods, took some time to familiarize himself with his surroundings.

Approached on one of his first days by a stranger with a pleasantly grotesque face; Khazra. Engaged in some conversations with over the next something days with. Charmed by in a way, grateful that his first encounter was a such a pleasant one.

As of now, lurking, still silently planning and debating what to do next in regards to his initial goal.

. Disclaimer .
Bio may contain sensitive material such as blood, violence, death, mental illness, and sexual themes. However, if anything sensitive outside the mentioned occurs, a specific warning will be given beforehand. While it’s always possible/likely for these things to occur too, nothing will be written in excruciating or excessive detail.

Seika is 100% IC at all times and will act accordingly, their thoughts/actions/words/etc do NOT reflect those of their player’s. Updates and such will likely be a tad skewed based on Seika’s POV. However, if you ever have an issue or are confused, tell me! I’m open to clearing things up and accommodating where I can.

Interactions are always welcomed! No one needs to ask before interacting with my characters, where it’s for positive or negative ones!! Feel free to poke me on discord for interactions, RP, and plots! I tab out a lot so also feel free to poke me if my characters seem unresponsive, I don’t wanna miss anyone<3


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