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Bio may contain mature or sensitive content as Sariel ages— such as, but not limited to, blood, violence, sexual themes, etc. Warnings will be given *if* something unusually intense occurs. Bio will also remain fairly mild while they’re still young!!

Sariel is 100% IC at all times and will act accordingly. Their actions, thoughts, opinions and perspectives do *not* reflect those of their player’s. Sariel’s thoughts and such are prone to bias and may not accurately present IC happenings. Regardless— anyone is more than welcome to ping me on discord about any concerns, misunderstandings and issues!! I’m happy to adjust or work things out.

Original character design by Wyldflower!! Code compiled by me, made with snippets from Unplugged and fading tabs from Whendeerattack.

Sariel is always open to interactions!! If they ever seem unresponsive ingame, feel free to poke me to get my attention!!

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My baby.

My baby.

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Aaah baby!!

Aaah baby!!
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must protecc at all costs

must protecc at all costs
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Grandbaby &hearts;

Grandbaby ♥
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Ahhhh! Track

Ahhhh! Track <3

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