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Yuzu. Baba
*from Lan & Matt

Young fawn; 4-5 in human years. Yōkai of sorts. #4.
He/they. Physically gynandrous.

Updates ~ Self
PFrail but ok
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In under a week has found himself settling into his new life and surroundings well for a baby yokai suddenly thrown into a whole new dimension. Spending his time between Matt’s place/the human world and the Forest. Enjoying his time being learning new things, expanding his vocabulary and overall interacting with the world(s) around him, especially with the encouragement and guidance of Landan and Matt. Also give plushies from both of them and won’t stop carrying them around.

The other day discovered snow exists!! And watched Matt make a tiny snowman/snowdeer too!! Also got to stare at new faces.

Discovered he can control his abilities to some extent. At least learned how to pick up smaller things and touch stuff. Still practicing, however, and far from being in full control of them.

Taken from his homeworld and thrown into the Forest. A new dimension, a new body. Upon arriving, explored the unfamiliar woods on unsteady legs. Became distressed and disoriented after a few laps around and only seeing the same landmarks. Was the forest repeating itself or was he just forgetting what he saw? The small yokai couldn't tell. Worn out, fell asleep by a sapling.

Awoke to a couple of strangers. A large bager-like one (Matt), and a smaller skunk one (Landan). While the former seemed content in silently watching, the latter surprised the fawn some with gentle sniffs and greetings. Without hesitance, touched and poked at the stranger. Quickly deemed the other as safe to cuddle up to. While Matt went off to grab food, stayed by Lan, who soon moved the kid elsewhere at the presence of an (unknown to Yuzu) intimidating figure.

Happily settled where guided. Even more happily tore into the dead rabbit Matt brought back. Became a blood stained mess around the same time when the possibly dangerous stranger got too close for Lan's comfort, leading to an impromptu pond visit. Entirely unaware of Lan's stressing, attention entirely enveloped by the way the blood faded from their fur. Also discovered poppy flowers.

After some more moving around, taken to Matt's flat outside the Forest. Startled and shaken up by the change, but calmed quickly by Lan's attempts to comfort. Quickly fell asleep there, tired but content.

Given the name Yuzuru.

Caretaker. Love, adoration, comfort and protection
Caretaker. Love, adoration, comfort and protection

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KozanGot a dead chipmunk from so clearly approved by Yuzuru.
, Wick, Set, others prolly...
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DisclaimerYuzuru is 100% IC at all times and will act as such! Damage is accounted for, etc etc.
Bio may contain mature themes as he ages and develops! Likely blood/violence/etc (but not limited to just that.)

Yuzu is always open to interactions!! Feel free to poke me on discord for anything!

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Baba is you c:

Baba is you c:
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add me on discord: Krisaur#9391

I'm not on here often

I'm not on here often anymore, but baby ;; <3

Awh. What a cutie.

Awh. What a cutie.

: )

: )
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Y’alllll &hearts;

Y’alllll ♥
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AHH casually trackin all of

AHH casually trackin all of ur characters, they're lovely!! :<