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While I still have school, work, and my own goals to meet in a certain MMORPG, I'll be tossing Yotsuyu into the Rut. She's not here to meet any potential partners, nor to have children, though your character is free to try their flirt game on her rather stoic exterior, heh. Yotsuyu sees the event as a means to possibly make friends and share a few laughs. May move from herd to herd. To make this easier, for both herself and those involved, she has taken up the form of a doe in recent weeks and plans on enjoying the Rut to the best of her ability in said skin.

Please feel free to reach out to me on Discord for any questions, concerns, or for some interactions! Open to any sort, honestly, throw your meanies and cuties at her.
Art below made by Alcinda.

Name; Yotsuyu.
Called; Gaije Quinlan.
Pictogram; Tea
Gender; Female.
Age; Mature adult.
Size; About 13 as a doe.
Biography; Toyhouse

· Not expectant of much as it's her first Rut and she's more or less going with the flow.
· Bound to float between herds. Attempting to be social, though may be more keen to listen and pay attention than anything. Forever an observer.
· Might be pulled into some play and harmless flirting, but if you can manage to wrangle that out of her . . . you've won the game, honestly.

September 12th

Despite the amount of times she wanted to appear here, sleep and her own busy life has kept her.. well.. busy. Player can agree. Enjoyed the moments she could share among others, and perhaps next time there'll be more.

August 30th

Yahtzee says, It is NIGHT out and I am THRIVING.

August 29-30th

Stolen by Nilthane and friends, and also player had to work and do other things not in that order, sry.

August 28th

Here we go.

Slow to begin the day, though that’s normal where it concerns the Nightseeker. Sleep is hard to shake, but she does so out of a promise made to herself a week prior. Besides, it would’ve been harder the earlier she’d woken up. Noon is just right.

Slipped into the woods and immediately became aware of the change in atmosphere. Bodies moving, noises, scents. While doe-like in appearance, her predatory senses kick off like they would any other day. Put on temporary edge as she walked through the tree-line, witnessing herds gathering or already clustered around one another. Edged closer to a tree, figuring it was just close enough to a nearby group.

But we got snipers out here boys…
Sat for less than five seconds before noticing not one, but two others stand up and look at her. Kept them in her peripheral for... a whole second though, because... let's not be rude. Made eye contact and knew she couldn’t back down now, so—! Stood up to walk over and greet Set and their companions. Saying hi to the melanistic doe, River, when they rose to greet her. Kinda taken aback by . . . . everything but settled with cool, yet genuine small smiles to everyone who met her gaze. Many a nod, many a soft hello.

Approached by a Jalo, who sat beside her for a time. Would acknowledge the male with a dip of her head, though lost as far as to how to converse with anyone involved. Keen on listening, but otherwise quiet.

The silence is broken, however, right around the time the Nightseeker questions whether it was a smart move or not to have come here without a book, when Jalo and another [ Hati ] got into it. Stood up rather quickly to witness the brawl. Feeling uncomfortable laying down while so many others were getting to their feet to do the same. The turnout inevitably ending with Jalo leaving and Hati staying.

Caught herself smiling at the whole thing. Good vibes, but also come back you were cool to see too.
It's nice to see peeps not actually goring each other here.

As people began wavering in company, lingered. Accompanied by a soft doe [ Rye ] for a time. Comfortable to a degree, which made it a little hard to get up when it came time to catching a late lunch. Excused herself and left the woods for Ricot.

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You tracked months ago and I

You tracked months ago and I am so slow to getting back to you :sobs: <3 good attention span, go me.