nothing burns like the cold


NewbornBorn; 11/22/20 | Female | Crown | Pinterest

PhysicallyHealthy | EmotionallyWary

Experienced her first true event today. Felt little fear and only frustration and a brewing sense of unease and territorial behaviour. Disliked the way a stranger stared and lingered around the family, and then fed off her mothers energy which helped little in calming her down. Mirrored actions from her mother, which was taunting and charging before too many strangers were suffocating her and she forced herself into the den with her sister. Came out later, stinky eyeing everyone not family that was too close and a stranger.


Forced out of comfort, warmth, security and darkness into a world that was nothing of the same. If at all possible, one would assume that the blizzard fawn had resisted her own birth to the world, and refused to leave the sanctuary that was her mothers womb. Brought out by forces unseen and unknown to the new child, finding the only comfort to be the familiarity in smell of her mother Kesari, and once close enough, the heartbeat she had memorized during her creation. Joined shortly later by the same familiarity of her twin, and perhaps this new change wouldn't be as bad as initially thought.

Art © Jo | Design © Jepha

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Sigi by Wake

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Bby girl ♥

Bby girl ♥
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♥ !

by sleepything
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New baby! Hello! Super

New baby! Hello!
Super original as I put the same comment here and on her sister's bio, but gotta greet the new kids.
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♥ !

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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smothers ♥

smothers ♥