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Sometimes I do it.

December 28, 2020

Do you think if I post a WIP I'll be more likely to work on it?

We shall see.


December 12, 2020

Forgot this exists, lol.

Two iterations of Aquilo's "muley," the feral mule deer.

Also stone and Spirituelle's Murph.


November 8, 2020

I actually haven't done much for the past few years, but due to a recent life change, I'm hoping I do more.

Here are some. Also hello.

I started this, like, four-ish years ago before going on hiatus from TEF and might finish it? Idk. SUCCULENT RUMP.

Same story with this one. Was for a mask that I've done away with, but he's got a good face. Honestly, I'm kinda charmed by how rough it is.

Finished this around, uhhh, June of 2020? Maybe? Spent a year on it on and off for my boyfriend as a rendition of this comic featuring his dog.

Currently working on this. Okami-influenced iteration of Hum. Drew the original four-ish years ago, now redoing it to see if maybe I art again.
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oh my gosh, I love all of

oh my gosh, I love all of these.
The the way you paint, but also the gorgeous lineart at the bottom. I could see the inspiration from Okami instantly!
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So glad to see you and your

So glad to see you and your art around again!
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that fur texture.

that fur texture. ♥

So glad to see you around again.
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GMSuerte, Love!!! Rooke, Tha


Thank you! I'll find out if I still paint that way, LOL. I just checked and it looks like I last worked on the top two in July of 2016. Since I've only done maybe two or three pieces since, I would have assumed nothing had changed... But, while working on that Okami Hum, I made several improvements for seemingly no reason. Always a delight when you accidentally improve while doing virtually nothing?? Anyway, thank you!


Glad to see you... And my art, again, too! LOL I hope you and Elliot and such have been well!


Glad to see you too. I hadn't seen you for forever on Steam and of course hadn't really checked here, so occasionally have wondered about you all the while. I hope you've been well. Or, considering things, well enough!
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What beautiful works

What beautiful works <3 and hi c:
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Thank you!! And hello! \o/

Thank you!! And hello! \o/
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Hi , so good to see you

Hi , so good to see you arround ♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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You already know how excited

You already know how excited I am to see you around again ♥
SO fun to see your art, love your texturing
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Vala, Hello!!! So good to see

Hello!!! So good to see you here too! I hope you've been well, you deserve it!

I do but I appreciate the ego and post bump, LOL. ♥
Thank you!!! I'm even still kind of doing it now! Better than I can say for most of the past four years. :P
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love love love!

love love love!

Wonderful work!

Wonderful work!
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Spirituelle, No U.

No U. ♥

Thank you very much! Now to just keep making it, LOL.
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BEEP henlo fren I wonder if


henlo fren

I wonder if I put the WIP I haven't touched a week or two in here if I will be more or less inclined to work on it

I guess only one way to find out
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you're wow! thank you

you're wow!

thank you ♥
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Why am I not watching this

Why am I not watching this yet hhhhnnngh lets fix that.
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hello!! to your credit, I


to your credit, I update so irregularly you often get the WIPs and finished versions via Discord first anyway LOL
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Oh oh! I saw on TH but gonna

Oh oh! I saw on TH but gonna follow here too!
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Nice! Since this can just be


Since this can just be all the art, chances are, when I remember, this will have more than just the stuff on my toyhouse anyway.

Well, when I do art LOL