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27 . ♀ . Aquarius . Wood Dog . INTJ-T

Mostly known as Foodog or simply Foo across multiple platforms, though some of you even know me as Kim. I've been role playing for a little over a decade, and writing stories as well as creating characters for even longer than that.

Most of my writing/RP involves 18+ situations, as most of my characters are rated as mature and may hold mature themes. Some could even be immature depending on who you meet and the situation. Just keep this in mind when interacting with any of them. While I am responsible for what I write, you're responsible for what you let yourself read. ♥

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Nightseeker » Belladonna » Reaver » Black Dahlia » Wraith » Splintered

A Koma from a place that merely goes by the name Figment. She's something of an OOC, but is also a beloved, fully formed character who also goes by the alias Gaije Quinlan within one of my headverses called Xaeva. Any time she's in forest feel free to treat her as a character.

Go out late at night just to see what I can find.
Staying in the shadows where the light don't ever shine.
Having one way conversations with the darkness in my mind.
He does all the talking 'cause I'm the quiet kind.

— Sturgill Simpson, 'Remember To Breathe'

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Lume, Oth'tannoz, Anselm
Maev, Jaskier, Eöwyn, Seath, Nilthane
Harlyn, Cero, Ruhn, Bael, Koschei, Zoiya

April 12th ;

Kinda busy these days!

I'm in college and working part time. And when I'm not doing those things I'm playing FFXIV/GW or writing on the side. Among other things. I still occasionally pop in forest whenever and alt-tab as I do other things, but don't be afraid to reach out to me if you have questions about character relations or if you had plot ideas! I'm always down to either summarize or fully roleplay stuff out.

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This biography was made in Mozilla Firefox. Might be weird if you use another browser.
The artwork shown above was made by Aihnna. Yotsuyu and Nilthane are mine.
I have a Toyhouse as well. Gotta be logged in to see anything.
You can contact me on Discord at Foodog#1408

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:0 Ayy

:0 Ayy
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Hello. Weeks later.


Weeks later.
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Hello!! I like lurking so

Hello!! I like lurking so here I am.
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Yes hello

Yes hello
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