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An eventful day... started out by hanging around the pond alone, just sort of lost in thought till Landan joined. Gladly accepted his offer to be a shunkcat scarf. When asked how they were holding up, told him that they’re starting to fear that they’re living too much in their sister’s shadow. In turn told about Alan’s own similar experience in that regard, and assured that they are an individual with their own thoughts and needs. Matt arrived for the latter part of that convo, throwing in his own experiences. Thanked the two for their advice.

Eventually said something along the lines of not being as good at flirting as their twin. Promptly given flirting advice by the pair. Got a demonstration and some practice in. Thanked them both again for their lessons.

Then eventually met up with Set and Kozan and chaos ensued. Eventually the day came to a peaceful close though.

On Thursday, approached by Set after the Wolf found about about her recent breakdown over missing Wick. Asked what he could do to help yet found herself unable to give a proper response. Told him she just didn’t know, that perhaps she just needed to share. Joined by Kozan soon though, and told Set to come to their house later to continue their talk in private. Engaged in some more lighthearted magic shenanigans with the two (and soon Matt) that eased them some.

Later took Set back to her house in Aimh’urval, which... unsurprisingly lead to Ianthe crying again. Took up Set’s offer to visit his home and spend the night with Wick. Almost embarrassingly quickly. Felt a bit chocked upon arriving, having never seen her sister’s new home till months later. Felt a very strange mix of jealousy and warmth seeing the little family that Wick had built for herself. Both wished she had the same, and that she herself was more present for Wick’s. Nevertheless, determined to do what she was brought there for— to relax. Gave Wick a key to Aimh’urval and her house during dinner. Gradually felt more relaxed and warm as she settled. Ianthe was being welcomed with open arms by family of blood and choosing, it felt ridiculous to her that she felt anything less than comfort.

Extended the invite to go on a little getaway with Wick for the weekend. Told about an extravagant hotel Set’s family had some partnership with and that they could arrive the next morning. Horribly desperate for time alone with her sister, didn’t think twice before accepting. Agreed to pack some stuff in the morning and drop Ilkay off at Grimoire’s place before going. Did just that after spending the night clinging to Wick as though her life depended on it.

Both out of their element and beyond ecstatic upon arriving at the hotel. Had never seen or visited such a fancy place before. Never thought to treat herself to spas before and felt absolutely pampered. It was so strange and new yet euphoric and blissful at the same time. That combined with spending that time with Wick, even out of Ia’s usual element, couldn’t be happier.

Returned to Aimh’urval to get Illay with an almost “reboot” on her mood, feeling like some aspect of her life was improved. The trip may not substitute for living separately from Wick on the daily, but it did give Ianthe something she was desperately aching for. At least for a little bit.

Today learned that Rou is the sweetest. Currently wearing some purple flowers given to them by Rou behind their ear... refusing to remove those.

Also finding their heart a little more at ease after their recent breakdowns, especially when Ilkay is physically being present. Mind still a bit fuzzy with lingering anxieties and thoughts. Still processing Axel’s existence— Set’s son by a past lover/fling/?. Offered themself as a babysitter to the kid, inwardly assuming they're a bit more experienced in that regard than Set or Wick and it’s at least one thing they can aid with.

Approached by Wick who told Ianthe of her current troubles and stressors, the Moth figuring that their loved ones and friends troubles seem to only be growing in number with little sign of relief— all while Ianthe themself still feels suffocated by their own. That, combined with their sister’s prompting, nearly immediately bursted into tears. Cried about how they rarely get time alone in the forest before she (Wick) is whisked away from them. Cried about how living in separate worlds is still so alien. Cried about many things. Ultimately embraced by their sister, clinging to her the rest of the night as though they feared she disappear on them. Grimly noted the way things have changed; how they used to be the one holding a frightened Wick as a child, but now found themself the one being held.

TWO breakdowns in one week, good job Ia

Arrived just prior to Argyros being killed and the crowd around the corpse all slipped off. Found Set and Maggot lingering by the corpse and, being Ianthe, immediately went to investigate regardless. Pleasantly surprised that Set didn’t seem to have any fresh injuries from whatever happened today, but inwardly grimaced at the absolute MESS that was Maggot. Noted that the demon was not only PLAYING with the corpse but was covered in... filth. Gave an awkward smile when Mag tried hiTTING ON THEM. Never been flirted with by a guy drenched in yUCKY fluids... that’s a first... But then Ilkay arrived and Ia had to make sure their child didn’t choke on the remains of the corpse or something.

Once Mag was off and the remains were all consumed, let their full MOM MODE kick in and yoinked Ilkay to the pond to scrub him free of the yuck. Reunited with the Matt/Lan/Yuzu group for a bit before sneaking off to find Wick. Briefly gave her a recap of the day before Set came up and ushered her off. Didn’t understand why the Wolf thought he couldn’t speak with her with them (Ianthe) present, but didn’t dwell. Once exhaustion really set in, was about to just head home when Set return and dragged them off to Matt’s house. Went along with it but didn’t think there was anything they could really do to help the situation.

Awkwardly stuffed themself in the corner and played with Matt and Lan’s cat because wtf is being social. :[ At least till approached by Lan who they finally got some time to chat with. Let Ilkay go cause chaos with Yuzuru as Ia occupied themself with helping Lan in the kitchen.

Starting to feel as through their ‘progress’ is quickly going backwards, especially as they gain new issues that have arose. Feeling out of control and powerless in most ways, be it over their own life or in helping friends and family. Determined to keep up their position as a shoulder to cry on and overall comforting and soothing presence (or at least they hope so) for several they care for, distressed that they haven’t been able to help beyond that. Between finding a frightened Naida, Set’s outburst and new injuries, hearing of Kozan being in the hospital and just generally being unsure how to help their sister with her issues— beyond distressed. Which certainly isn’t helped by the distance in worlds either, Wick having moved into a world entirely unfamiliar to Ia. Wondering if they’re even able to help any of their family and friends in the first place. At the time being, their care and nurturing for Ilkay is the only solid success they feel they’ve accomplished entirely, and can at least take some relief in that.

Looking for comfort and distractions for their own self as well, having been severely neglecting their own emotional needs and wants for some days. Unsure where or who to turn to, seeing as most everyone they know is currently struggling with something. Doesn’t want to burden them, but craves relief and comfort.

Slipped into the Forest, curling up in a corner at the ruins. Eventually found by Reyhan, breaking down in tears once the feline asked if they were holding up alright. After holding in all their emotions (yet again), let their leveled and cool exterior down for at least a moment. Basically broke under the pressure and having been so bottled up once they realized it was ok to do so. Met with comfort and warmth by Reyhan. Essentially found a much needed catharsis just letting it out to someone who wasn’t tied back to/effected by the issues weighing on them. Still felt a bit guilty for unleashing so much emotional baggage... Took him back home to chill so it’s ok, they think.

Found Naida scared and hURT!! AGAIN!! Basically just

Approached by Set while alone, giving them the chance to actually get a private second with him. Expected a relaxing snuggle session as they enjoyed the current darkness of the woods, yet soon was witness to Set breaking down in a moment of stress and overwhelming emotion. Not being the best at comforting, they did their best to console him. Eventually took the Wolf back to their home in Aimh'urval for some tea in hopes of helping him relax, at least for a bit. Spoke with about some stuff.

Relieved by the rain ending buttttttt... taken to the birch after finding Naida. Allowed the little Fae to sob into her fur and vent her troubles. Cue a very distressed and protective moth

Third day of constant rain and Ia is not a happy moth about it.
Scrunched up in the ruins, spotted a little winged stranger (Naida) not too far away. Intrigued by the moth-like appearance of the doe, took Illay to offer some company. Quickly noted Naida’s discomfort towards the rain and offered to essentially act as a living umbrella without their usual hesitation. Despite becoming drenched, pleased when they ended up with Ilkay and Naida shielded underneath them. Even more pleased with their job with another— Aelfane— appeared. Not exactly what the Wraith had in mind when they set out to try and be more social, but an accomplishment in some form in their book.

Later decided that Kozan’s a hero for being an umbrella for them now

Once agin, mulling over their loneliness. But! Trying to channel all that energy into being a proper and nurturing parental figure for little Ilkay. Has been taking him to their home in Aimh’urval more— teaching him words, taking him to parks, generally being a mOM. Rather surprised but pleasantly so with how strong their maternal feelings have been for the little dragon. Feeling proud even.
Also got a dagger from a stranger with human hands. Spoke with Set about their feelings of disconnect and loneliness, coming away with a little more ease and an invitation.

Despite all that, growing even more uneasy with their inability to find Wick and her lack of presence recently. Doesn’t want to intrude on her time with (presumably) Set and others, but can’t subdue the worries and fears gnawing at their brain. Such fears apparently weren’t as unwarranted as Ianthe hoped to be the case. Found Wick finally, though she was injured. Barely able to gather their thoughts and process the entire situation, told their sister that they want to be told things, that they don’t like being left unaware, especially when their kin is in danger. Learned of Set’s death (and subsequent revival) too, yet their mind was still reeling and so their reaction was uncomfortably mild. Wondered why no one else involved mentioned anything of it to them, yet the wraith’s mind remained too clouded to dwell on it.

Weeks ago spoke to Wick about all the uncomfortable stuff with Set. Despite really not wanting to, ultimately deemed it most fair she know at least the rundown of it. Ultimately gained no comfort from the confession, but relieved that neither Wick nor Set seem to bring up the whole situation anymore. More hand happy to leave, what Ianthe considers to be, a stupid and naive move they made in the past.

Has since been introduced to Set’s friend Matt as well, coming to expect to find him near the wolf. Has also noted that at they’ve been easily pulled into groups consisting of the two friends and Wick frequently. Beats being alone, yet Ianthe still can’t shake the feeling that they don’t fully belong. Noted, too, their loneliness only continues.

As for their time in Aimh’urval, spending time learning self defense from Grimoire and Velius. Has been more closely noting the frequent and commonplace violence within the forest, and growing more uncomfortable with their lack of defense. Training to ensure they don’t need to rely on the help of others in that regard.

(also updated their gender)

Awoke feeling... icky. Still letting the previous day’s events ruminate in their mind. Avoiding their family homes in both the Forest and Aimh'urval for now, but not isolating themself. Throwing themself into things they’ve found they enjoy, like looking over Ilkay or collecting more bugs...

Heard some commotion and, since they weren’t currently watching any children at the given second, went to investigate. Found some strangers fighting off a ghost horse, only to quickly flee when charged at. Caught a glimpse of Set intervening. Made way for the slanted rock at the playground, soon being found by Set. Thanked him for distracting the horse moments prior, staying back when Set went to go check the fight out again.

Stayed alone for awhile before Set made another appearance. Started fine, yet took a turn when the Wolf started asking questions regarding their absence. Struggled with finding the proper words as Set grew more heated. Finally admitted their true reasoning, telling the wolf they backed off some when he began flirting with Wick. Didn’t feel right being around their former crush when he was being so flirty with their sister, and didn’t want to ruin what the two had either. A simple situation that proved to be far more difficult for Ianthe to explain than they anticipated— though they never really wanted to admit it in the first place, wishing it’d go unnoticed.

Expected to be met with more harsh words yet was embraced and given an apology. Stayed with the Wolf for a few moments longer before he let them be. Stayed in place to gather their thoughts. Overall distressed, mostly at having been the subject of someone’s anger. BUT certainly feeling better after getting that off their chest and moving on.

Later visited by a baby moose so... all’s good. day saved. :]

Still overall discontent, but suppressing the urges to isolate themself or flee from the Forest for some extended period of time again. Finding little reason to continuously return to the Forest, yet doing so anyway in hopes of curing their boredom. Though, has taken to visiting the little dragon they’ve dubbed Ilkay whenever around, enjoying their time as a self titled babysitter.

Emerged from their hiding spot, dipping quietly into the woods without a word. Expectedly sat alone for some time— unexpectedly visited by a child. Having a soft spot for all things small and cute, eagerly accepted his company despite their inexperience with children. Eventually came to the conclusion that baby wanted food. Gave him some flowers before quickly hunting down a rabbit for the kid. Please with what they deemed a success! Even more so when the baby cuddled against them.

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