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Penn | Kursa | "Shanti"

A true wildcard, not interested in any serious judging or competeing.

Male . Young Adult . size . ref
pfit, healthy . eenergetic . mcalm, collected
A returning resident, knows the forest and its locals well. Simply looking to socialize.

9.7 Watched a few spars and had a few chats. Good day.

+ Harin
! Mischief, Leto, Eremes
= Phemonoe, Para, Daiyu
? Ross, Daiyu, Menace

Wildcard, but more of a judge than anything else. May participate in a few spars, but mainly enjoys entertainmant without much commitment or expectations from others.

Female . Young Adult . size . ref
pfit, healthy . etranquil . mfocused
New to this strange world, but familiar with beings like herself. Finding adventure.

9.4 Mainly stuck by Orlaith. Met a few others on her own, had a small chat with Rossamund. Eventually, returned to Orlaith and Madison. Enjoying herself.

9.5 Spent her time with Brent and Velyra before relaxing by herself.

9.12 Para and Stria caught her attention at the start of the day. Decided to stick with Stria and relax.

+ Orlaith
! Madison, Heligan
= Thais, Rossamund, Brent, Velyra, Para, Stria, Xxabrielle
? Mischief, Harin, "Dahlia," Sadiki

Not familiar with this forest, but knows similar traditions.

Female . Adult . size . ref
phealthy, very minor scratches and bruises . efine . mfocused

9.5 Similar to yesterday, stuck by Misaki, a rather calming presence. Met Aischro today though, very eye-catching. Slowly adapting, feeling more free and confident as each minute passes by.

Sparred with Aischro in front of Misaki, had a blast. Tied with him.
Was asked to spar with Bass soon after, but had to decline for now. Needed to regain her energy.

9.6 Spars: Morana, Harin
Partnered up with Melanie for a bit.

+ Misaki
! Aischro
= Bass, Morana, Harin, Melanie


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thank you, guys!

thank you, guys! <33
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Traaack lD

Traaack lD