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mindsteady, bright
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notes4/1/21 new art by Luana <333

Living peacefully. Finding tranquility and joy within his life again.

Calming again after dealing with serious matters out of forest. Feels drained from it all. Just wishing for some peace.

Has a long past of previous lives before he managed to survive the one he is currently living. Went through countless struggles and many failures before rightfully claiming his position as the king of his part of space. But, in doing so, lost the rest of his kin. Though not pure in blood, surely the last of his kind remaining in deep space. Matured into a proud individual, knows his place, and is keen on keeping it that way.

• muscular, hefty
• somewhat slow due to his large stature
• has advantages when it comes to strength, endurance, stamina, accuracy, technique, and power
• has disadvantages when it comes to agility, quickness, and flexibility

Draven . Father
The first face he's ever met in the forest. Will always be in his heart. Loves and respects him immensely. Adoptive, but treated like blood.

Thais . Mother
Adoptive mother; guide and support. Loves dearly, and couldn't be who he is today without her. Has known her since childhood in his most recent life. Would risk multiple lives, including his own, to ensure her safety. Highly respects, cares for beyond comprehension.

Tig . Little brother
Adoptive. Unsure about the goat when they first met but gave in to the kid's kind nature rather quickly. Cares for more than he thought he ever would. Family.

Segin and Lesath . Little brothers
Adoptive brothers, sons of Thais. Loves the two to the moon and back.

Nix . Uncle
Adoptive, but more than a family member could ever be. Support, reassurance, safety. Adores, cherishes, and loves the wolf wholeheartedly. Would do just about anything for him.

Sabel . Close friend
Holds a sister-brother like bond with the doe. Treasures every moment they had/have together. Always had, and forever will have, a place in his heart for her.

Adelaide . Friend
Childhood playmate, nostalgia. Has never forgotten the moments shared between them, even putting a smile on his face when he recalls them. Adores greatly, and would relive childhood memories with her time and time again.

Jude . Friend
A friend of Tig's but grew to like him over time. Now, feels the need to accompany him, not only for himself but to give the laceflower safety as well. Enjoys and appreciates his gentle nature.

Altijd . Aquaintance
Though he's only met him briefly, very much would like to get to know better, knowing he brings Thais happiness. Respects, likes his humor and attitude quite a bit.

+ Lalitha, Rossamund
= Tristan, Sadiki, Phobos, Maggot

discord: milla#2746
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Holy cow...

Holy cow...


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Yesssssss ssssss

Yesssssss ssssss
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Hi I’m a day late!!

Hi I’m a day late!!
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i love u guys mwah

i love u guys mwah
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omg <3
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Jov ;-;

Jov ;-;
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