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Another attempt at this.

I really enjoy this community, in fact when the site was down I was really upset about it. There's nothing better than going through all the interesting character bios and art. Honestly soothes the mind to see creativity at its finest.

As of late I've been more active, (yay me) but there are moments when I'm not as active sometimes.
To explain that, yes, I have a life outside of TEF. So if you're ever like "oh S$H! where'd Basen go?? Where did all his cool characters go?" I'm probably dealing with life, so you can always poke me on discord and bug me there.

As for my characters, I try to keep them active but it gets hard when interactions are sparse, so I'm asking ALL of ya to please bug them in game/over discord interactions -- anything, whatever floats your boat. I'm open to plots, negative (must be talked over) or positive interactions.

Please note all of my characters are 100% IC and are purely themselves as individuals. On that note, I don't care who you are, if you wanna interact with my characters I'm down for anyone checkin' them out. Just give me a comment on here or private message me on discord. If you need other forms of contact just give me a heads-up on here.

I'm not really one to make family friendly characters, unfortunately. However, fortunately, I do have a few that fall under a family friendly label which I will provide a list of those in second tab here.

Contact me at @Leveros#6781.

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