Amid chaos, there is always a balance. And here I am.

Sabbath D'elia


PIntense recovery, spending energy with her dark magic to heal quickly. And so it was, with only a few recent scars left. Tired, but always ready for something. 79%

⨕ 03/02
Perhaps due to tiredness she slept in the forest and forgot some chores and business, but the She Devil had already woken up in the forest, which already answered many mental questions she had asked even before opening her eyes with big black eyelashes. Her second eyelid, the internal one blinked, causing the eyes to clean themselves automatically, or even lightening the color of the irises a little more. Still with her head lying on her hooves, delicately placed next to each other, she got up, bored seeing that same calm as always. The Black Widow found the strange creature that had already bumped at least a couple of times if Vixen's memory doesn't fail, but that Gair was familiar, he was. Some small sniffs, cautiously on the creature's neck and lay elegantly beside him, perhaps a little happy to have made a new acquaintance.

Whether Sabb liked it or not, she had already felt Daredevil's aura nearby, saying her satanic prayers so that he would not come to them. But he came, of course, he does everything the opposite of what you really want, she had already gotten used to that attitude. Certainly got up and walked away a little, with the worst face of boredom she could make. Some hisses echoed when Maggot attempted physical contact, and even a conversation might not be much for fun today. Clearly attacked him when the creature got up to "play" with Gair and Sabbath, but it was a little rough on him, without even reviewing her poisonous attacks against him, but she didn't even care. After a while, Sabbath moved away, seeing that UY and her partner were close by, having the opportunity to finally get to know Éasca, even if it is not there in good condition, but she was clearly excited. A while watching Mag's chaotic actions, certainly holding on to her chaotic and lunatic side, just so as not to laugh in the middle of the situation and kick the viewers ass, since some acquaintances were around, so she would pretend to be a saint. :Angel:

She didn't have a good meet with Andras, furious when the stag attacked her and she owed nothing to anyone. Gave him a good answer and teased him when she left, knowing exactly his thoughts as soon as the woman left. The mind troubled with "Now there is no turning back, my dear."

Clearly uncomfortable with the people around her, asking some questions that were too stupid and too obvious for her. Believes that they do not know that she was not bitten by a vampire and is now cursed, since she was long ago crowned as the queen of chaos, and WAS created for that. Her kind attitudes are to be doubted, but it will not be overnight that she will change. Just thinking how silly people could be when it came to demons, and how lay they were. Yes, she likes you and will love you, but don't expect her to change her own attitudes towards what she went for.

⨕ 31/01
With a slightly different means of transport, as usual, the Black Mamba put her feet, which soon became hooves into the forest, in clouds and smoke with dark tones, coming and going from her body until she allowed the portal disintegrate. It did so, appearing in front of the strong stream of water from Idol, making it approach and take a few sips of water visibly bright and transparent. Saw a rather familiar and graceful doe around the Witch. Her curiosity grew when she remembered seeing the fellow witch, also with Brent, making her approach cautiously, giving a gentle look to the little doe Llyr. Then closing her eyes, feeling the urge to do so, as she seemed to have made a new friendship. Smelling the dark goo approaching, she abruptly opened her eyes and stood up, a little suspicious of having the Daredevil too close to them, but then relaxed, seeing that Llyr knew the rascal, so she did, sitting down again.

Not on her best days, thinking long and hard about the night she had spent with her lover, and thinking about him too. Normally, she didn't think much about Sirus, but for some reason she was hanging around her mind a lot these days, thoughts that left him bewildered, wanting the Soul Hunter's company even when he couldn't.

After a while in the company of Llyr and Maggot, felt Smoky's aura close by, lifting her head and looking back, where she managed to spot the black doe next to the little imp Bo. She walked over to them, looking back to make sure the demon wouldn't follow her in order to torment the smaller doe. She played with the cub for a while, often pretending to be afraid of him so that he could create greater courage when he grew up. Could see the boy's future slightly, it was promising for the futures she was given.

Ended up falling asleep, cursing herself mentally when she woke up and only saw the cub nearby, already hearing the screaming and feeling chaos nearby, her eyes already turning completely black in the blink of an eye, making her shake her head to keep calm and be responsible. She didn't quite understand what was going on, but soon assumed that there was more than one antagonist in the story, making her think and be sure of why Maggot was involved.

The Vixen didn't like seeing Smoky with Greitai very much, but they already had a link and didn't have much to do about it. Many faces and some enemies close by, did not know how to assimilate the situation, but she vehemently attacked the creature involved in the fight when she saw that he dared to attack her 'sister', having no hesitation in driving her serpentine teeth in the creature, often whipping without remorse, but soon, got out of control and ended up attacking the creature on her own, letting her mind control it, attacking the creature even when he was in tears falling on the ground, already weak from the countless attacks that as a result of his actions took place. Not happy with Maggot and his goo on her body when they started to fight, whipping the creature's face, leaving a beautiful scar on its monstrous snout. Played a little more when Umay and Zem appeared, but she soon felt the reason falling like a meteor, right in her face when saw Smoky and the little one, being attentive when the little one approached Maggot a little, soon following him to be sure that Daredevil would not harass him.

It seemed to be well after all that mess, seeing all the viewers retreat to their proper corners and she doing the same, following the smoky doe. Surprised when she stopped her, giving the witch a slight push. Without reaction, remained motionless in the face of it, already having her heart and mind totally disintegrated by the unexpected action of her heart-sister. Didn't say a word, but neither did she change her neutral expression, turning her hesitation away. An immense pain in her chest was felt, making her almost fall, not understanding anything that had just happened and the reason for that unknown pain. Sabbath forced her teeth and eyes, the tears did not flow, feeling ashamed and frustrated with herself, since the only one she would ever think to disappoint was Honeythorn. Looked around quickly, noting that no one was seeing her in that state of weakness, which she never dared to show anyone. Her ground fell when saw Sirus nearby, standing still and just lowering her head, her whips getting smaller in size as she watched her lover approach. Gave a small smile, but it didn't last that long, then a frustrated smile came, didn't in any way deny Sirus's approach and silence since he was always welcome. Unwilling to pretend to be well, Sabb quickly clung to the other, whispering that she had everything she needed at the moment, and there he was, with his silence that she liked so much and his unexpected actions. Calmed down when she found herself in the man's arms.

⨕ 18/01.
I am back and not on mood. (:

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This biography includes 'hovers' and invisible scroll bars.
Sabbath is 200% IC at all times, not just when I decide for her to be. Beth is not a friendly character, only when it suits her. She does not represent me as a player and if you have any problems or questions you can contact me at discord; Luz#1288. Always open to RPs, whether friendly, serious or negative. If you want to interact, please, please! Message me on Discord, don't be afraid to ask or want to do some RP. I don't bite, haha! In this biography, there will probably be profanity, nfsw and gore! Be aware of this before.

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