Bluebird of friendliness.

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Soleil is 100% IC at all times, but will go ooc for set help, being approached by nameless/newplayers, etc. Her thoughts, actions, etc. do not reflect those of her player's at all, they are her own. If there's any confusion or concern over anything she does or anything written in an update, I'm definitely happy to talk about it on Discord! Css compiled by me w/ codes from Unplugged! Art in relations tab by Oshiboo<3

Bio may contain some mature themes, possibly (but not excluded to) blood and death. Though, she may be exposed to other subjects via other characters/situations as she grows. If anything unusually sensitive appears, there will be individual warnings.

I'm always open for interactions and whatnot!! ♥
Discord is Morto#9174

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&hearts;!!! Baby girl

Baby girl
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What a beaut

What a beaut

loud breathing

loud breathing
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Hello there!

Hello there!
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Shaped like a friend

Shaped like a friend
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Yey i'm the 333th

Yey i'm the 333th viewer!
Also this is the purest baby. pls.
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h e r

h e r Exclaim