Memento mori.

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PPerfectly fine. Appears very very young, almost newborn.
EOverly curious
NoteANOTHER BABEY... interactions are def welcomed!! they need things to gROW
While exploring found a large black stag. Dubbed him "Smokey" while chatting about smoke, sparkles, water and mice. TODAY- wondered about, but couldn't find Smokey... Instead found by a wolf. Sniffed... but then chased! Zoomed and gave some totallyyy threatening stomps. Kept running till another stranger (Kuwaka) stopped the wolf. But Mouse didn't notice... Instead crept to the tall grasses of the birch. Despite being shaken up and scared, the little fawn was quickly distracted. Stumbled upon a family of roes— Cannibriel and her two fawns. Trotted their own way over to romp around with the others their age before settling down. Intrigued by the more feral behaviors of these deer. Kinda just sat there before nearly squealing when the mother roe groomed them.

Found the Forest via their newly awakened ability to open portals.

"Born," or rather created. Given no name, given no attention or care.

Bio may contain sensitive material!! Blood/Gore/Violence/Death and eyeballs may be included!! Though this bio may contain other sensitive subjects based on what Mouse is exposed to by others- but individual warnings will always be given!!

Mouse is 100% IC at all times, however, will go ooc for new players/nameless/unregistered/etc! Mouse's actions and thoughts do not reflect their player’s. If you’re confused or have any concerns whatsoever about their actions or something written in their bio, I’m more than happy and open to discussing over Discord! In addition, I have the ability to remove them from situations I may not be comfortable/prefer them being involved in. Though this likely won’t be common. All damage is accounted for. No one needs permission to interact or start things with my character, though a heads up before doing major-super-intense attacks or something that may harm mine long term/permanently is preferred! Other than that, no permission or asking is needed.
I also tab out a lot, and my game doesn’t generally run well, so it’s likely I may miss things when I don’t mean to. If I don't respond in-game, just poke me on discord! I'm not trying to ignore anyone, and neither are my characters.

Any/all interactions and RP are open! In-game or on discord, small things or longer plots, positive or negative. Really all is welcomed!
Discord is Morto#9174

Speak to Ghosts,
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squeaky squeak

squeaky squeak
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reh!! good ol' Mouse

reh!! good ol' Mouse
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Woah hey where'd this beauty

Woah hey where'd this beauty come from