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PRecovering from childbirth! Sore and sensitive but alright
EOverwhelmed with love and pride
NSorry for tons of edits! TRYing to add all the missing stuf and fill things out ;;;;
12 | 4 | 2019
Another day of Phe waking up to strangers at his nest, hanging with his kids. So another excuse to show off his babs like the proudest ma

12 | 1 | 2019
Awoke to find several strangers (Verve, Eph, Ross, Thais, mymemory'srealbad) at his nest?? And his kids sitTIN WITH 'EM?? Initially inwardly alarmed but... settled down beside them. Verve introduced herself and Soh seemed to like her. So got Momo's approval. Soh also caught a frog earlier... helped enchant it to try and tame it but also made it bIGGER?? Gonna decorate the frog later

11 | 26 | 2019
Spending all his time happy crying over his gremlin children

11 | 23 | 2019
Day two of Momo trying to be a good parent to a buncha imps!
Still hurting but got up from the nest to take Soh and Theon to do some exploring. Resorted to just carrying the latter around while trying to keep the former from running off and burning the entire gotdamn forest down. Took em to the plaats and demonstrated how to slap the water around. Gave them some shiny stuff too to try and teach them the goblin ways. Also struggling with feeding Theon solely because he has a beak and eats worms... and Phe’s spooked by how SQUIRMY they are save his soul

11 | 22 | 2019
Went into labor early in the morning, Caius, Pythia, Sin, and even his little nephews, at his side. Eventually gave birth to three pups after a long and painful struggle. With much care, cleaned each newborn thoroughly. Gave the newborns their names— Theon, Sohvi and Phynne— nosing each one’s head respectively before looking to their father. Overwhelmed with love and pride as he looked over the small beings he created. Carefully checked each one to ensure their healthiness, relieved when he found no issues.

Exhausted from the whole ordeal, nearly dozed off several times as he cuddled up to Caius and the newborns, all until some BABY SHENANIGANS ensued when the two mobile ones of the litter wanted to wreak havoc already. A bit nervous when he noticed Theon not walking like the others even if that’s normal for dogs... Let the smallest one rest as he closely watched over the other two. Granted a small relief from pain, even if not fully, by Sin. Spent a good while being terrified over the possibility of Soh or Fin getting hurt before both settled. Finally, tucked the newborns close to him and crawled under Caius wing. Finally able to give into his exhaustion and get some much needed rest.

11 | 13 | 2019
Oversaw his nephews’ birth the other day. Shocked by the sudden news of their entire existence. Thought back to his brother’s harsh criticism when hearing of his own offspring, but suppressed any urges to snap or rub the hypocrisy in his face. Ultimately choosing his blood’s comfort over his petty remarks. Quietly observing his newest kin, but from a distance, especially when the other parent’s side of the family is present. Silently respectful, but overall feeling very weird about the, to Phe, strangers. Mostly keeping to himself, hidden away at his own nest. Subconsciously secluding himself from those outside any he doesn’t already know as his due date gets closer, despite his constant craving for company. Especially on edge and struggling with the discomfort of pregnancy, trying to cope the best he can with the pains and struggles that come along with it. Fears only reinforced by seeing his nephews birth. Further terrified of his own welp’s birth, but overall eager for the day. Impatient despite his ‘dread.’

10 | 23 | 2019
Doing better. Clingin’ to Caius, visiting Sin and lots of nesting and decORATING said nest in shinies

10 | 14 | 2019
Announced his pregnancy to his elder brother. Hurt deeply when his news was met with scolding and harsh judgement. Disgusted further by other comments made by Pythia. Couldn’t understand why or how his brother wouldn’t be supportive at such a time. Eased when he seemed more supportive after a bit, but remained guarded still.

Nevertheless, keeping his spirits pretty high. Even with his brother’s cold criticism, can’t help but to still feel joy over his unborn. Especially vulnerable for now regardless, but doing the best he can to avoid extreme and negative emotions. Physical danger more so... so no running around screeching like a feral imp for awhile

10 | 10 | 2019
Lying low and taking it easy. Especially anxious over his physical well-being and paying extra attention to keeping himself safe and healthy. Avoiding his usual antics.. avoiding his homeworld more so, really not wanting to deal with anyone finding out about his situation. So pretty much trapping his own self within the Forest... or anywhere that iSNT HOME.

10 | 8 | 2019
Days ago started experiencing concerning symptoms. Terrified thinking something was seriously wrong... though soon came to the conclusion that he was pregnant. Felt a ton of things at once and decided to spend some alone time in the forest, purposely avoiding his homeworld, while he gave himself time to fully process. Truly elated, though terrified at the same time for a number of reasons. Excited to tell Caius the news, but dreading inevitably telling Pythia.

Started searching for a spot in the forest for his future offspring. Spent some time nesting after picking a suitable place in the birch. Found by Dajjal while trying to relax at said spot. Happy to see his friend and snuggled up to him. A bit dramATICALLY lamented to the cat about feeling ill and was soon taken to Daj’s home outside the forest. Continued taking comfort in his friend while silently wallowing in all his feelings. Returned to the forest not long after.

9 | 16 | 2019
Has been making visits to see Sindile when able to. Happy to see the Blackwood after a few months.
DAY ONE OF THE RUT. Wandered around aimlessly for awhile, eyeing all the herds till he found big bro. Stood there with him till another, Caius, approached. Instantly welcomed them bUT SUDdenly Ceryn appeared and challenged the griffon to a spar. Watched them go for a bit. Stepped in front of his big bro because I wanna judge this round, ok. Impressed by both but ultimately won over by Caius. Officially picked them but gave Ceryn a little bow before he was on his way.... tl;dr basically just snuggled with Caius the rest of the day

7 | 17 - 8 | 1 | 2019
Told some stuff by Pythia daaaays ago. CONCERNED... even if it wasn't tHAT big of a deal and wouldn't really affect Phe too much. BUT STILL... it's Momo...
Most recently; easing up greatly. Spending time with his brother, though taking some much appreciated alone time to just reflect and think over things. Spending time with Dajjal in the forest as well, excited to have company which he sorely lacked outside his brother. Working on his weird hesitation and nervousness surrounding the things his brother told him weeks ago. Focused now on trying to integrate and settle in the forest more as he grows to see it as an escape from his homeworld.

5 | 10 | 2019
uUHH.... Met Sindile. Chatted with Sin. Eventually! Tried to see his future, ending in him (Phe) misinterpreting something completely different as Sin burying him. SO OBVIOUSLY PHE Assumes that means he's being murdered. When that wasn't the case... wasn't even HIMSELF HE saw in the vision. Got all weird and spooked, admitting to Sin what he (thought) he saw. Sin got upset. Sin run. Ran after to apologize before parting ways for the day. Told Pythia later because... he's Phe and he had to. Does plan to bring Sin a gift eventually... feels bad for making the Blackwood so distressed...

4 | 17 | 2019
Followed big bro to the Forest. Time for some Phe shenanigans :eyes:


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Look at this baby angel. Love

Look at this baby angel. Love u.

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