free css requests [closed]

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Requests are open
If you need a CSS asap or more examples please head towards my commissions page and I can gladly assist you there!

➤ FREE CSS will be done according to my muse.
➤ Please credit my work and/or leave my css signature.
➤ If you need changes after you completed product please contact me immediately.
➤ Do not reuse css without my consent.
➤ Contact me at my discord: Leveros#6781 if you're interested in a free css/commmission.

slots available (0)
#1 a babbin for Rouda

waiting list
Adofphin for Osmotious

finished css
VIDAL for pumpkinseed!
Tiye for MB
a kiddo for Chizzu
Rohalla for HoneyBean

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A little bump for those who

A little bump for those who might be in need, free requests may take longer than css commissions depending on how the site behaves and my availability. However all requests will be done in time, no need to worry that I won't get to yours. ♥
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3 new slots are open for

3 new slots are open for anyone to grab! Know a friend in need of a css or maybe one of your character's needs some lovins!? Basen gotcha'. (: Hit me up on discord or reply here and let me know!