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Pregnancy blog for Eira (๑✧◡✧๑)

Mother & Father
Took Thanos to her childhood home to meet her own family and to inform them all of the pregnancy. Happy to see her family again but quickly returned to the Forest. Still early, but starting to fret over everything. Only mentioning it to Thanos though. Aside from eating and sleeping more than usual, working on her tree. Focusing on making it comfortable for herself, Thanos and the future fawn. In addition to finishing up her decorations on it.

As Eira’s nausea and tummy aches worsen, decided to find a den for herself to rest in the Forest. Not until bringing Thanos days before, anyway. Since the start of her symptoms, the witch had been denying the possibility of being pregnant. She didn’t think it was possible. Her and Thanos weren’t the same species, and he towered over her small form with his size.
However, has started growing a babybump already and can no longer pass said symptoms off as just a little stomach bug. Has been wearing a cape, hiding her slightly swollen belly from Thanos till she could mentally process it all herself. Today was the day she figured she was ready. Snuggled up against the candled stag at their den. Only broke the peaceful silence to admit her pregnancy to him. Expected shock from him but definitely surprised herself when the buck fainted right then. Concerned, nosed and groomed his fur till he came to again. Let out a sigh of relief when he told her of his joy. Discussed their happiness but also fears about the whole process.

Returning more to the Forest with Thanos after tons of time spent exploring his world and following him around to learn things. Starting to feel sick and lethargic, but denying the possibility of pregnancy being the cause

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arrives fifty years late

arrives fifty years late