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SO, as part of my new years resolution to drAW MORE, figured i'd start fresh with a new art thread.
I want to give more so maybe expect spontaneous gift art, and uuuhhh we'll see how this goes..
This was painful...

spEED PAINT. Trying to get better with horses

I love speed painting...and purple

Procrastinated way too much on this one eugh

wHO this..

Them bois

That Dev

Commissions are a thing. Full detail.

Commissions are a thing x 2. This a speed paint...Is there much difference? we just don't know.

One snek

Same snek

My son

Can post this now heH. Tech from last year but it ween. Human faces make me cry.

Starting with a sketch that some have already seen on TH. Úlfrún.
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oh god Iam in LOVE with ur

oh god Iam in LOVE with ur Art!
Will watching this here



have absolutely loved seeing how much your art has grown throughout our time on tef, that sketch just proving it even more.. your attention to detail is one of the best on this site i love how clean it is even being a ‘sketch’.. picasso who?? idk her, only a jo

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lookit them details, that

lookit them details, that wolf face is excellent! def watching for more

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I've always loved your art!

I've always loved your art! You pay so much attention to detail.
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squeezes in through the

squeezes in through the letter hatch and makes a mess of your pots and pans

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heLLO ;u; &hearts;

heLLO ;u; ♥
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Your art is stunning!! Loving

Your art is stunning!! Loving those antlers on your latest work, very handsome.
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love your new boy! &hearts;

love your new boy! ♥

by sleepything
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ahhh thank you guys ;u;

ahhh thank you guys ;u;

Mis: I love palmate antlers so wanted to tRY working them into a design, n that's what I ended up with dfhu. I'm glad they're handsome ;;, gotta try and draw a front view some time

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