the blind yin yang

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known as "blind" yin yang
baby reference
smells of cherry blossoms
a small child (newborn)
voice 1:22 - 1:27 with small echo, for now can only babble.
genderfluid, may identify as both, or singularly
blind, uses tendrils on their body to locate and see
alias's are "bli" "blind" "yin" "yang"
unearthed from another universe


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Hello to the black-and-white

Hello to the black-and-white fella o/
Signature by Wildflowerdeer, avatar by Vessan.

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♥ hey ! thanks for

♥ hey ! thanks for keeping them company.
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oh, sweet bean...

oh, sweet bean... <3
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Yas &hearts;

Yas ♥
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Thank you all. &hearts;

Thank you all. ♥
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by sleepything
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Aaaa this small sweet thing

Aaaa this small sweet thing was yours! ♥ Tracking dis, tossing vas right to ya face.
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&hearts; thank you both so

♥ thank you both so much it means a lot!

< 3 cuddles

< 3 cuddles
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Heyo o/

Heyo o/
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Hey you guys, thank you.

Hey you guys, thank you. ♥ !
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weee, such a cutie

weee, such a cutie

them &hearts;

them ♥

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&hearts; thank you so much

♥ thank you so much you guys