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SO, So many hidden scrolls!
PWell, brandnew
EGOOD. curious?!!
Ni caved, theyre on tefc now
1 | 15 | 2019
Clung to Khepri... then got SNACKS.... cue happy squeaks and chirps. Taken to her outside home after that and constantly :eyes: at curious at everything til being brought back to the forest.

1 | 14 | 2019
Clung to Iona

1 | 11 | 2019
Still just small, wobbly and cold.....
BUT Has been learning that adults are warm and good and might let u cling

1 | 8 | 2019
Wobbled to the stream... found by ElektRA. Stranger looks nice so wobbled and flapped their way to the other side of the water to sEE. Squeaked and clung to... THEN Got shown around to see a bunch more people. Sniff everyone.. lots of head nodding cause they saw others doing that. MORE happy squeaking till they finally settled n squished themself between Elektra and Phyrra. Khepri was there tOO... and more?? but players memory is really bad

1 | 7 | 2019
Thrown from their birthplace and into the Forest.
Cold and confused. Found by Cresent and shoved themself into his fur

No concept of gender. Possesses reproductive organs.
Any/all pronouns are acceptable.
Newborn, fawn. 1-7-2019.
#4, maybe a tiny bit smaller
Appears cervine-esque, though not truly one.
An angelic being. An alien.

➳ Able to speak their name, though nothing more for now. Understands more than they can speak but still unsure about basically most words.

➳ Came from a brutal, harsh world outside of the Forest. Cast out of their birthplace not long after birth, only remembering hazy glimpses. Thrown out for being simply unwanted. Discarded.

➳ Despite their intense birthplace, does not exhibit the violent or aggressive behaviors commonly found even in newborns native to the place. Instead, seems rather friendly and strives for affection.

➳ Only real goal or focus of theirs actually is affection and snugging people.. .....

➳ Sensitive to magic. elaboration. .... eventual..ly... .........

➳ Body is covering a fine, white fur which is extremely soft to the touch. Blue, pink and purple patches and back 'mane' feel like cotton.

➳ No idea what they're doing, help 'em

Elektra ⋅ WARM!! GOOD!! ilu
Crescent ⋅ Also warm!! but BIG too!
Iona ⋅ amazed with....
Khepri ⋅ iLY


DisclaimerIaz is 100% IC at all times! But will go ooc for nameless, etc/set help and such. Their actions do not reflect the player's, but I take responsibility for their actions.

Bio mighttt be subject to mature themes in the future. Including, but not exclusive to, blood/gore
MAYBE... maybe not depending on how I actually want things to go... nothin's set in stone, im soRRY :'{... but!! just in case!!

Original design by Lostintheecho<3

RP And interactions always welcome!!♥
Discord is Morto#9174

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ahhhh lil angel bab. &hearts;

ahhhh lil angel bab. ♥ !
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hek yes

hek yes

Beautiful winged creature

Beautiful winged creature <3
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precious alien angel....

precious alien angel....
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Hello little babe

Hello little babe
add me on discord:#Osmotious9391
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Sorry Tefc times out and

Sorry Tefc times out and double posted
add me on discord:#Osmotious9391
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sO happy to see this design

sO happy to see this design getting used, they look so damn cute in your style ♥
Sigi by Wake

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a pretty! &hearts;

a pretty! ♥
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Lost: AAA IM GLAD :’{ ♥ I’m so excited to actually be using em after it took me 100 centuRIES TO ;0;
Art by Qanat!!
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pure angelic bby ;o;

pure angelic bby ;o; <3
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i thought i was tracjking wh

i thought i was tracjking wh
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How did I miss this pretty

How did I miss this pretty baby :0 track! ❤
sig by AceAshling
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Babello Angello o/

Babello Angello o/
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