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happy belated holidays and new year. the year hasn't been going well for me, but i have gotten a new pet, a crowntail betta named Ezekiel (Zeke/Smooch). he is the love of my life and i just love his cute red lips.

also taking this moment to apologize for my absence. qip and i will return eventually when our life isn't filled with so much fear. q may also have a twin coming in soon (maybe). happy holidays and new year once again from q and i!

added a few things to q's bio, well, just the skin detail. haven't been doing much the past few days, tablet is broken so i can't draw but been drawing with the mouse. looks decent somewhat. drawing pokemon, mostly, for a pokemon site i frequent. shiny, albino and melan baits? might open up comissions on that site. not sure.

in other news, i'm okay. just antisocial as per usual and not sure where to put q half the time when he's in forest.

hm. personal blog i suppose, might put q's updates here as well? not sure.

You know who it is, Coming

You know who it is,
Coming 'round again.
You want a dose of this,
Right now,
It's K/DA, uh!