Darkness stirs and Wakes Imagination

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P Fine
M Occupied, content
E Content
N Note.


Spending more time in Ivelon with Akil, though being sure to keep out of his way if things should become busy or if he is preoccupied with things.
Between her fleeting appearances i nthe forest in the last few weeks, has been holed up in a creative muse. Spent several days embroidering a few tunics for Akil before deciding to make a few for her friends, left a gift wrapped in soft paper with Vigolfr before going back to the Crimson palace to leave a wrapped gift each for Persephone and Perikles before leaving for Ivelon.






The; Spring, Desert Rose, Evening Sun
Smells of Parchment and Blue Iris
Reaches #25
Adult, age of 4630 Years

✿ Essential greetings may be quiet to new faces, being born mute Phyrra learned how to introduce herself simply through body language and expressions. A few nasal noises might be of use to hint at excitement or a means of pointing something out, but while remain mostly quiet with those she is content with.

✿ Though even if she was born mute Phyrra has the gift of telepathy, though is mindful of how she uses it since she learned in the old days of Egypt it was quite invasive of other peoples thoughts. Especially if they don't know that it is her talking. Used with trusted individuals, though learned it can be quite a weapon if she were to stretch her volume loud enough to temporarily deafen and confuse.

✿ Treats others how she wishes to be treated in return. Often dishes out more kindness than she can give, but is a firm believer in receiving for what is given. But she's borderline a pushover, and even apologetic to degree even if she has done no wrong.

✿ Sometimes riddled with anxiety depending on conversations and interactions with others, can often take something the was said in the totally opposite direction. More than often seeks to end her anxieties so does bring it up, eventually after of course having a stressful moment over it. Though completely comfortable with talking it out should it need to be.

✿ Phyrra is definitely someone who is a follower in situations, rarely initiates things unless bored or it's leading her into the direction of doing so herself. Though lacks the courage and drive to bring things to do herself that might seem confronting, especially in front of new faces or if it might cause drama. Attempts to steer clear of it.

✿ Fears nothing more than judgement, which is a reason why she could be so secretive about things. It takes a great deal of trust for her to reveal something that could easily open a wound again.

✿ Cries tears of gold. The temperature is cooled and cold to touch, though after a certain amount of time the tears harden and turn to nuggets of gold, whilst the streams that were on her face turn to thin flakes of leaf gold. Something that she tries her hardest to hide, as she has been taken advantage of before for the profit.

✿ Has an eye for gold an shiny things. Anything bejeweled or laced in gold she will be drawn too.

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&hearts; yes moar characters.

♥ yes moar characters. (:
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How Did I Miss This

How Did I Miss This
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oh yis

oh yis

by sleepything

i love her

i love her <33

my child

my child
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yall are ANGELS

yall are ANGELS
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:eyes: beautiful girl


beautiful girl ♥

Sig: Aihnna



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(': always late to the

(': always late to the party.
Here's a late af track. ♥
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tracking this pretty little

tracking this pretty little thing
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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