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moved the adopts/designs thing to here
ye i know this page is a mess, pls 4giv me

thankyou so much for all the comments.
I have yet to go through and reply individually but, thankyou.
each comment means a lot to me. <3

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[1] OPEN - £12
[2] OPEN - £12
[3] OPEN - £12
[4] OPEN - £12 sold

Eye colours etc, minor details can be changed if requested. Full size + PSD file will be sent upon purchase.

Please read: These are pretty basic designs and I am always SO SCARED of accidentally almost resembling someone else's existing design, so please just tell me if any of these are doing exactly that and I'll remove them.

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18.08.18 »
Art trade with Hautakumpu | photo study of my dog

17.08.18 »
Goro-ma | krita experiment

16.08.18 »
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these are all so wonderful!

these are all so wonderful! your style is lovely and the texture on that last one is so yummy.
give us moooooore <3
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:sigh: \ what a good stuff.

:sigh: \ what a good stuff.
i've wanted to tell you this for a long time: your deers are alive, i almost see them breathing between these lines and bursts of colors.
it's mezmerizing.

thanks for sharing! \ you won't delete this entry
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Your art is super beautiful!

Your art is super beautiful! I'm in love with your linework. Loving all the different ways you've colored, or not colored these.
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I love every piece of these

I love every piece of these arts,
They are so realistic and the anatomy is on the point.
Oh yes, i remember some of your old arts!
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Good collection, each one got

Good collection, each one got sth I like about it.
The top looks easygoing, I can tell how fragrant the deets are. Fine sense of weight and motion, she's on alert.
The 2nd one's like a burning film. Starl's in focus, and she's looking straight through the spectator. Out of it. Wistful. Her pose and off-centering makes one think the pic was taken on accident. And I like that picto.
Your deer faces are human in expression, don't know if I mentioned.
I'll say the kabuki was a success because it got a neat vibe.
Now post the rest.
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Spirituelle - oh my, thankyou

Spirituelle - oh my, thankyou very much! (loving your icon by the way)
whiskeybeast - that is such an awesome comment. I love that description and I'm very flattered. Thankyou! haha we will see...
Mis - thankyou so much, Mis! My linework is often my least favourite part so it's super nice to hear that someone likes it. : )
Hautakumpu - wow, thankyou!! I love your work so much, perhaps we could do an art trade sometime. : 3
Uitleger - I lovelovelove your comments, your perception on everything. It is always such a delight to hear. Thankyou so much! ....and maybe, maybe...
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I would love to do art trade

I would love to do art trade with you!
Drawing your starling will make me cry of joy
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I'm just gonna sit here and

I'm just gonna sit here and admire all this beauty c:
sig by AceAshling, icon by HeartClock
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ugh love #2. and a very

ugh love #2. and a very excited track. <3
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^ damn wrong account lol.

^ damn wrong account lol.
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Hautakumpu - eee yes please!

Hautakumpu - eee yes please! ;u; I wanna paint your Codex so bad, too. And the antlers will be good practise for me because I usually tend to avoid them. *slaps self*
DazzleFlash - thankyou very much! I hope you enjoy. <3
Ravyn - thankkyouuuu! For some reason your work actually came to mind when drawing that one? It reminded me slightly of that paint-spray brush effect in MS Paint which I recall you using sometimes. I used to looove those drawings so much! (still do!)
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actually ephra's work

actually ephra's work (http://www.endlessforest.org/community/november-rain) came to mind when I looked at it.
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Beautiful work! Your lines

Beautiful work! Your lines look very natural and the colors feel so soft and calming. The first one looks sharp, but not in a way that wouldn't flow with your aesthetic. Vibrant, full-of-life. Like summer breeze.


pls dont del

love!!!! love!! lov e !!!

love!!!! love!! lov e !!! ♥

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Ravyn - ...

Ravyn - Shocked ... thankyou!
Jayternator - thankyou very much! I love this comment. <3
Nopje - I LUV U <3
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ok, guys. now i'm truly dead.

ok, guys.
now i'm truly dead.
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dis Goro. /burning

dis Goro.
/burning heart/

by me

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That doggy's breathing up

That doggy's breathing up some steam. Looking real in this painting, though parts you left undetailed do well to remind this is an illusion. Fun to look through. Then the deets only an owner would note, like the fur sticking up or hanging. Those textures and depth on skull structure here are nearly immaculate.

Your human-faced deer and perspective shot up in quality since I last recall em.
I also liked that Krita face you made, interested to see what you'd draw in the cartoon style again.
The freestyle on Codex is eyecandy. Silverish. Really pops out.
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My eyes will pop out of my

My eyes will pop out of my head any minute now, LOOK HOW PRETTY CODEX IS.
She looks so realistic. All the lightings and the effects make her look perfect.
Jesus Starling, I adore your style to draw cervines, your anatomy is on the point with the shading/lighting effects.
You were swearing about the antlers, but daaaaamn look at them ~ She could kick some asses with them, haha, the skull does looks cool too ;v;
Thank you for making art trade with me <3 i would love to do it again with ya Smiling
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Your art is stunning <3

Your art is stunning <3

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<33 big inspiration

<33 big inspiration
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I love that you have added

I love that you have added some of your old artwork here as well. It's always great to see how an artist progresses. Plus your art has been a big inspiration for me.
I just adore the new piece at the bottom of the little one walking through the forest undergrowth. Your detail to lighting and shadows as the light breaks through the trees is absolutely stunning. ?
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391