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Starl. She never fits right on backgrounds with the pigment of her usual fur, so I've toned it down a bit. Perhaps it's starting to fade with age.
And lately, I've been enjoying the idea of her having grown some antlers so that she can wear flowers. : ) - ref
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friggin gorgeous, lady

friggin gorgeous, lady :ok_hand:
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Gorgeous!! ♥

Gorgeous!! ♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Hi Starling, this is amazing;

Hi Starling,
this is amazing; it looks so realistic, the furr and the shadows! and I like the antlers too.
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She has aged beautifully

She has aged beautifully
by saturnia

You drew those antlers really

You drew those antlers really really well. I am impressed. Smiling Im happy to see you put the picto halo too, I don't think a lot of people draw that and it's neat to see when they do. Deer whiskers are great, too.
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This is very peaceful to look

This is very peaceful to look at. Vury nice

I literally thought this was

I literally thought this was a photo edit Cool

This is so well done, I can't believe how much you've grown artistically over the years.
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Panda - aaah thankyou!! Vala

Panda - aaah thankyou!!
Vala - thankyou vala! <33
Pink - thankyou so much! you're always so kind <3
Witcher - thankyou. :')
W0lflcaw - ah you think so? thankyou! I drew a lot of detail into the antlers before remembering I was gonna cover them in flowers, lol. I was annoyed at myself. and I looooove painting picto halos : D
WonderfullySarcastic - thankyou so much! I'm so glad you think that : )
FishBiscuit -- pppffft oh my gosh thanks fish ;-; <3

Yeah, i also did think this

Yeah, i also did think this was a photo-edit at first glance. i'm glad you put the flowers, i like how the light is filtering thru them.
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stunning as always.. you

stunning as always.. you really make me want to paint lately but i've been shying away from it...

I love how the flowers look like an extra layer of velvet, the lighting behind it is perfect ;o; and i just love how you render fur and use custom brushes
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Love this !

Love this !
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green backgrounds - it's not

green backgrounds - it's not her style, i suppose. anyway, this flower crown fits her perfectly.
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W0lfclaw - ah thankyou so so

W0lfclaw - ah thankyou so so much! honestly means a lot <3
CrossTrot - thankyou so much! ;w;
Saturnia - thanks!! oh my gosh please paint, I adore your work so much. and I'm so glad you think the use of custom brushes looks ok : D it's sometimes tricky to get them to work subtly..
Flyleaf - thankyou fly!
whiskeybeast - thanks! <3 haha yeah, too bad she lives in an endless forest... so much green.. sigh.
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I adore this picture, you did

I adore this picture, you did an amazing job on this one as well. The antlers and flower crown are just stunning on her. Plus I love how you draw pictos. Please paint more. Lol
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Osmotious - ah thankyou so

Osmotious - ah thankyou so much for the lovely comment! I'm so glad you like all those details, and the picto halo. <3