Oloesh Velis; You must know your ground, your pack and your quarry.

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Oloesh Velis ×
The Huntress
Ola, Olo, Helena.

APR 30th

Adult - Female - #29 - Carnivorous
Masked scent/slight muddy smell.

Self-Assured, Cunning, Focused, Curious, Daring, Observant, Resourceful, Sturdy, Reserved, Unceremonious, Tough, Messy, Emotional, Possessive, Vague, Blunt, Relentless


» Feral born shifter. Able to shift between two forms, were-beast in a sense.
» Unique canidae breed, highly intelligent.
» Bulky built but very agile and durable. Top heavy and built for endurance and while not being the fastest, sure knows how to conserve stamina.
» Able to grab and hold items with her front paws.
» Cropped ears.
» Able to travel to and from the forest.


» Protective vest.
» Collar.
» Combat knife.


Vokolo Ramune
Father. Close-knit bond to, Mentor.
Raised by and taught everything she knows when it comes to survival and hunting. The pillar that kept their family afloat after losing Esa and the one Olo turns to when seeking advice.

Esa Velis
Mother. Deceased.
Never had a chance to grow up with, only knows of her through stories Oloesh's father told now and then. Aches for in a sense, for whatever potential bond they could've had, had Esa been alive.






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Tysm you guys

Tysm you guys <3

tracking! what a lovely

tracking! what a lovely design
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Aw thanks! Gotta love

Aw thanks!

Gotta love sarkoja's designs!

belated track smh but goSH i

belated track smh

but goSH i love her design ♥

Sig: Aihnna

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