The Perks and Pitfalls of Being a [Sindile] Wildflower

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WARNING: Mature content, blood, violence, death, bad language, mental disorders, mentions of alcohol and drugs, sexual themes, other type of warnings - all apply here.

Sindile is 100% IC. He doesn't represent the player but the player takes responsibility for him and would like to say sorry for him. Contact: ShrinkingRose#6785 on Discord.


RP Starters
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Enjoyed his last days as a teenager, participating in the Rut. Got into brawls and created some action around him. Felt that he wasn't taken serious by most and couldn't really blame them for that, he was still young and inexperienced. All in all, he liked the show-off aspect of the whole event and it brought him into a social mood. Although sometimes he pretended to be interested while actually he was just bored. A few individuals that sprung his interest: Nérias, Doitsu, Ashe, Blackthistle, Arlo, Alesana, Erwen, Ryuu, Crescent. Also saw a few old faces: Culzean, SubRosa and Sabit.

As for the latter, hasn't seen the guy as much as he would like to, neither in the Forest, nor in the human world, despite living under the same roof. Keeps creeping around Crescent and after one of such approaches realised that he isn't lured to the moon above his head but he's drawn to the guy because he reminds the wolf of Sabit.

Visited the place a couple of days after the Rut, approaching Jonah who was with a bigger group. Met: Hunter, Jude, Nemesis, Doitsu, Cu, Blackthistle and some other creatures. Picked on Altijd for fun. Altijd picked on him too. Lots of confusion involving Fari, intrigued by the predator at first and amused by their cat and mouse, or more like wolf and dino, play. To a time. Then he grew annoyed and was on the verge of sneezing poison at her but she took her retreat before that happened. Once again messing with the poison cumulated in his horns resulted with a headache, so he had to leave the Forest for the night. Came back the next day to rainy weather. Rested in front of the Old Oak to make fun of those hiding inside the tree and then played with Warlett.

Found the Forest bathed in twilight one day. Noticing a child (Agatha) sleeping at the creek, felt like rewriting the Little Red Riding Hood story where the girl would not be eaten by the big bad wolf....and then a prince cursed as a frog appeared? Whatever the fairytale was, he was glad he could play a part in it. Still, kind of surprised how no one reacted to a wolf watching a sleeping child.

Joined during Halloween, first visiting Cereja's garden and finding the tiniest gravestone there. He was all grown up now, at least his body was. Neither of his parents was there to witness that. Wondered if that was how things were supposed to be. However, didn't ponder for too long cause what's the difference, right? It's not like he could do something about it. Afterwards collected some of the red flowers which were falling from the sky and stashed them to dry. Stayed with BZD and their groupies. Noelani showed up, knows the girl from the human world and the dance studio they frequent together. Invited her over to the apartment for a spooky Halloween horror marathon.

In the topic of the dance studio, Sin threw himself in the whirl of things in the human world, mostly two things – dancing and work. In both cases in need for a lot of practice. Following Janci's suggestion to try out dancing and found a style that interested him, taking pleasure from being able to express himself through body moves. Not doing too bad at work either, so far responsible for keeping the tables clean but eyes the bar in the hopes for getting a spot behind it.

Name: Sindile
Human name: Tyler Blackwood
Titles: The Black Poisonwood, Torrid, Sapling, Badflower
Nickname: Sin
Sex: Male
Picto: Corner
Age: Young adult
Size: #17
Species: Canine/Plant hybrid
Vocalisation: talking (Vanoss, the owl)roar-bark
Scent: Macadamia mixed with vanilla
Diet: Carnivore + photosynthesis
Reference: Adult | Pupuru
Set: Skeleton Pelt – Real Deer Mask – Orca Antlers

The bare emotion
when the cold sea
touches the black sand

-> 2/3 a wolf
-> maned wolf's physique
-> the leaf crown is a part of his body, growing longer with his development
-> thinner than Val
-> long and bushy tails run in the family
-> his body was already developing on his seed stage while in the ground

The price paid for
a product of natural experiments

-> appears dead when asleep
-> Acanthosis Nigricans (blackening of the fur)
-> Heterochromia Iridum (dark blue eye and light blue eye)

-> sneezes out the poisonous sap his seed used to be coated in; being exposed to the sap (while not having immunity to it) can cause itchy and burning blisters, rash, pain or even temporal blindness to whoever gets in contact with it
-> photosynthesis
-> the rest is unknown for now

curious – stubborn – bold – creepy – troublesome – annoying – persistent – thickheaded – opportunistic – moody – temperamental – unpredictable

His father's war cry
His mother's young blood

-> Drawn to wolves, deer-wolves and individuals who stand out either because of their looks or behaviour.
-> Took part in an Abio but believes it was just a psychedelic dream. Still processing it and actually it indeed became a frequent background for his vivid dreams.

It was sweet, chasing flowers
Don't think it's forgotten


Sabit – The man that took him under his own roof and showed him the human world. Fascinated by, despite Sabit's claims that his life isn't interesting. Grateful for all the help. Bordering possessiveness and jealousy.

Valentin – Brother. Sin does legwork for him. Despite their differences they understand and have high respect for each other.

Jonah and Elijah – The couple has been teaching him the ways of life, introducing to hunting and helping him control his magic better. Wil seek out whenever troubled by something.

Andrei – Boss in the human world. Grateful for the opportunity to be able to earn money and work on his human reputation. As far as Sin understands they're equal in the Forest.


Amaroq – Biological parent.

Tomo – Den neighbour.

Levant, Cennétig, Allie, Jude, Brille, Doitsu, Warlett, Nawfar, Gita, Pagan


Culzean and Subrosa – Feels that they see him only as an annoyance and can't really blame them.

Artemis – Was stopped by her while hunting. She witnessed him awaking his powers. Feels that she isn't her ally.

Raizel – Encountered her when he was a pup but doesn't remember that. Found her tinkering with Cereja's garden, not happy with her methods but gave her a chance to bring life back into the garden.

Nemphlèx – Lil curious about but also vary because he wanted to hurt Levant.

Nix – Was told by Amaroq to stay away.

Past targets:

Ciar – Considers a lizard.

Airut – Considers a...squirrel?

Mye – Thanks for the tail.


Cereja – Biological parent. For a long time took care of their grave/garden, arranging dry flowers around it.

Kani – Adoptive brother, gone.

Hana – Unborn brother.


Scavenger – Predator that wanted to hunt him.

-> estimated date of conception: Oct 6th 2017
->'born': Nov 3rd 2017
-> taken out from the incubator/seed: Feb 4th 2018

Black beach, ice, shattered glass, cold wastelands, post apocalypse, dark moor, dry flowers

-> Development blog for the pups when in the seeds
-> Cereja's pregnancy blog

Stay hidden from the blinding light

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sibs <3

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Art by Qanat!!

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Puppers, finally

Puppers, finally Laughing out loud
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Fellow puppy!

Fellow puppy!
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Sigi by Wake

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Track c:

Track c:

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By Draak
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Thanks everyone for the

Thanks everyone for the tracks c:
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Hi there! It seems Delacroix

Hi there! It seems Delacroix has met Sindile. ^^
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Yup, that's my boy. Hello~

Yup, that's my boy. Hello~
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Track! The green one with the

Track! The green one with the trumpet horns was my boy Clarion Laughing out loud
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track :u

track :u
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&hearts; this precious baby

♥ this precious baby

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by VasilisaKonti <3

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a cute plant pup!

a cute plant pup!
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tracking right back! second

tracking right back! second time meeting this one i believe, albeit with a different char. :j

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@All: Thanks for the tracks

@All: Thanks for the tracks and also thanks to your characters for putting up with him!

@Tuo, yep-yep, met Hraustr earlier~
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Track <3 love this bab's design

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barko barko

barko barko

sassy boy

sassy boy <3

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the small girl is fearful of

the small girl is fearful of the big bad wolf...

(hehe, track <3)
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I miss this pupp!!!

I miss this pupp!!!
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~Tracking~ c:

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